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Articles about or concerning Cisco CCNA Certification Exam, Microsoft Certification, IT Certification, PMP Certification, A+ Certification.
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Cisco CCNA and CCENT Practice Exam 10 Questions on Point To Point Connections, PPP, and HDLC

 Chris Bryant (June 20, 2008)  Your CCNA and CCENT Cisco certification exams will definitely contain some questions about PPP and HDLC, so here are some practice exam questions to help you prepare for exam success! 1. Identify the correct statements regarding HDLC and PPP running on a point-to-point connection. A. If HDLC is running on one end, HDLC must be running on the other end as well. B. If HDLC is running on . (Certification Tests)

Cisco CCNA, CCENT, and CCNP Practice Exam Questions Binary Conversions, RIP, STP, and More!

 Chris Bryant (June 20, 2008)  Let's test your knowledge of binary conversion, STP, and other vital Cisco certification exam topics with these practice exam questions! CCNA And CCENT Certification: Short answer: Convert the destination address for RIP Version 2 routing update packets into a binary string. Answer: A “two-in-one" question, since we first have to know that the destination for RIPv2 update packets . (Certification Tests)

Reaching it Career Peaks Through Comp TIA Certification Perks

 E.S. Cromwell (June 19, 2008)  In the IT world everyone of professional status who's looking to excel knows that they need to attain certification(s) in their topical area of interest. As without being accredited in a specific IT sector, success levels and growth potential will not be as amplified as it could be. This said, if you're specifically wanting to use your technicians hardware and software knowledge to get .. (Certification Tests)

Cisco CCNA, CCENT, and CCNP Practice Questions Routing Tables, BGP, Port Security and More!

 Chris Bryant (June 16, 2008)  Test your knowledge of routing table advertisements, BGP updates, port security, and other vital Cisco certification exam topics with these complimentary training questions! CCNA Certification and CCENT Certification: Identify the true statements. A. Full routing tables are exchanged when distance vector protocols are used. B. When distance vector protocols are in use, only changes to . (Certification Tests)

Cisco CCNA, CCNP, and CCENT Practice Exam Questions DTE, DCE, OSPF, IP Phones and More

 Chris Bryant (June 15, 2008)  To help you prepare for total success on your Cisco certification exams, here are some free practice exam questions to test your knowledge. Enjoy! CCNA And CCENT Certification: You have two Cisco routers directly connected at their Serial 0 interfaces. Identify the true statements regarding this connection. A. The DCE must supply clockrate to the DTE. B. The DTE must supply clockrate .. (Certification Tests)

Cisco CCNA and CCENT Certification Training - 10 Frame Relay Practice Exam Questions

 Chris Bryant (June 10, 2008)  Frame Relay is a major topic on your CCNA and CCENT certification exams, and for good reason. Frame Relay is a part of just about every Wide Area Network (WAN) you'll ever work with, and you've got to know how to configure and troubleshoot FR to be successful in the exam room and your job. To help you pass the CCNA and CCENT exams and be prepared for real-world success, here are 10 .. (Certification Tests)

Cisco CCNA, CCNP, and Network Exam Practice Questions - ARP, Layer 3 Switches, WPA, and More!

 Chris Bryant (June 09, 2008)  Test your knowledge of vital Cisco and CompTIA certification exam topics with these free questions! Network / CCENT / CCNA Question: What protocol allows a host to determine the MAC address of another host that is on a different side of the router? Answer: Proxy ARP. CCENT Certification: Briefly describe how a Cisco switch builds its MAC address table. Answer: The switch examines the .. (Certification Tests)

Cisco CCNA, CCENT, and CCNP Exam Practice Questions - Hex Conversions, HDLC, PPP, and More!

 Chris Bryant (June 05, 2008)  Let's test your knowledge of hexadecimal conversions, router defaults, IPv6, and more with these Cisco certification exam practice questions! CCENT Certification: Short answer: What is the decimal equivalent of the hex value Fa8? Answer: We have 15 ("F") units of 256, 10 ("a") units of 16, and 8 units of 1. 3840 160 8 = 4008 CCNA Certification: What is the default encapsulation type of .. (Certification Tests)

Cisco CCNA, CCENT, and CCNP Exam Practice Questions - STP, BGP, Route Reflectors, and More!

 Chris Bryant (June 05, 2008)  Let's test your knowledge of STP, BGP, networking models, and other important Cisco certification exam topics! CCNA And CCENT Exam: The length of which STP stages are determined by the Forward Delay value? A. Blocking B. Listening C. Learning D. Forwarding Answer: B, C. The Forward Delay value determines the length of both the listening and learning states. For any changes to the .. (Certification Tests)

IT Project Managers and Their Need to Make Projects Succeed

 E.S. Cromwell (June 05, 2008)  The reality in the IT working world is that most IT projects fall flat on their faces. A startling statistic of 80% (and possibly higher) reveals the majority of IT projects, despite being well-formed and planned, still end up not meeting outlined project goals throughout their planned course, both in terms of keeping with time and budgeting available money. IT Projects themselves .. (Certification Tests)

IT Certification Mistakes and Miscues

 E.S. Cromwell (February 14, 2008)  The prosperous opportunities IT certification can offer an individual are immeasurable, both in quantity and quality. Having an IT certification under one's belt is quite a driving force in pushing IT career statuses ahead and beyond successful parameters. This knowledge though is an all too enticing factor to prospective IT individuals, especially ones who are looking to benefit from .. (Certification Tests)

Cisco CCNA Home Lab Study - The DTE & DCE Cable

 Chris Bryant (February 11, 2008)  More Cisco CCNA, CCENT, and CCNP candidates than ever before are putting together their own home labs for their certification exam study, and that's a great trend - there's nothing like learning on the real thing! Part of putting a home lab together is getting the right cables and understanding their usage. In this new Cisco home lab series, we'll take a look at the different cable .. (Certification Tests)

Cisco And CompTIA Exam Questions - HSRP, OSPF Cost, Route Summarization, And More!

 Chris Bryant (February 11, 2008)  Let's test your knowledge of important CCNA, CCENT, CCNP, and Network exam topics! CCNA Certification: The term used for an OSPF path metric is _ . Extra credit: What formula does OSPF use to calculate that metric? Answer: OSPF's metric is referred to as cost, and the calculation is 100,000,000 / interface speed in bps. Cisco CCENT / CompTIA Network Question: Which of the following do . (Certification Tests)

Cisco CCNA and CompTIA Practice Questions - SYN Attacks, VLANs, And More

 Chris Bryant (January 27, 2008)  Let's test your knowledge of topics such as SYN attacks and VLANs for your Cisco CCNA, CCNP, and CCENT exam prep. There are questions for the Network and Security exam as well, and A questions are on the way! CCNA / CCENT / CompTIA Network Certification: Host A and Host B are in the same VLAN. Host C and Host D are in a different VLAN. Host A sends a broadcast. How many other hosts will . (Certification Tests)

The Lowdown On MCDBA Certification

 E.S. Cromwell (January 17, 2008)  In the IT working world getting ahead means acquiring specific certifications. Without a certification, one is likely to stay stagnant and even lose credibility within one's job due to lack of credentials. And most likely, without certification stabilization one will be slower to start an actual and straightforward IT career path. From this, it seems clear that certification .. (Certification Tests)

Cisco CCNA, CCENT, And CCNP Practice Exam Questions - Frame Maps, Admin Distance, And More!

 Chris Bryant (December 25, 2007)  CCNA And CCENT Certification: Regarding the following frame map statement, identify the true statements below. frame map ip 211 A. The IP address belongs to the remote router. B. The IP address belongs to the local router. C. The DLCI belongs to the remote router. D. The DLCI belongs to the local router. E. The DLCI is not shown. Answers: A, D. The IP address will always . (Certification Tests)

Getting A Job and Starting A Career With Computers

 E.S. Cromwell (December 20, 2007)  In today's fast-paced and technically-driven world almost any type of job involves using computers. To be unfamiliar with current and evolving technological trends is to be in the doldrums and lagging behind others who are surging rapidly ahead in their careers. So, it only makes sense to become familiar, and even extremely knowledgeable about computers, whether ranging from basic to .. (Certification Tests)

Search Engine Optimization Classes - What Are Your Options

 Karina Sinclair (December 13, 2007)  Search engine optimization classes are a choice for people wanting to perfect SEO. This article will discussion your options. If you want to think about taking a course there are probably two main options at your disposal. Since computers are in our lives to stay, and as more and more everyday people turn to their dream of having a home business, it is more than likely going to involve . (Certification Tests)

Microsoft Certificate

 Paul Abbey (July 31, 2007)  A Microsoft certificate is a diploma of sorts that prove to future employers that a person knows the special skills for a certain job. Each person that decides to gain the knowledge in Microsoft programs and skills can achieve this fairly simply. This type of item is a fabulous tool to receive a brand new job with different types of companies. Various opportunity fields can be .. (Certification Tests)

Cisco CCNP Certification Exam Training For The ONT Exam - QoS Models

 Chris Bryant (July 25, 2007)  A large part of your CCNP training for the ONT certification exam should be spent studying the various ways we can implement Quality of Service (QoS) on Cisco routers and switches. Before you start configuring your network’s devices, though, you’ve got to understand the three QoS models and their impact on your network. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each. If you . (Certification Tests)

ITIL v3 - What You Need to Know about the New Version of ITIL Methodology

 Jill Knapp (July 11, 2007)  The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3 was released in June 2007, seven years after the last critical ITIL methodology update. With this new update has come a renewed interest in the ITIL framework in general for businesses in the IT field, as well as concerns about what this means for those who were using v2. Before a discussion of the revised ITIL methodology can .. (Certification Tests)

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Certifications Announced

 Chris Bryant (June 21, 2007)  Microsoft has announced the new Windows Server 2008 certification tracks, and there are major changes from past Windows certification tracks. The MCSE is no more; the multi-exam tracks are both Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certifications. The name may not be the same, but just as the MCSE required successful candidates to pass multiple exams, so does the MCITP. There are . (Certification Tests)

How To Get Your MCP or MCSE Certification

 Mitch Bartlett (June 21, 2007)  MCP and MCSE certifications aren’t considered a big deal to some professionals in the industry, but employers do look for it. Here is some information on how to get MCP and MCSE Certified. 1. Decide your path. For MCP’s, you only need to pass one of the exams listed at the link below: You can apply one of your MCP .. (Certification Tests)

Microsoft Vista Certification Tutorial: Finding The Run Line

 Chris Bryant (June 20, 2007)  Part of the fun of working with a new operating system is learning all about the new features that come along with any major new OS release - and part of the frustration of working with a new OS is finding out that you can't do things the way you've gotten used to doing them! Let's face it, we're all creatures of habit, and looking for old familiar features that are either hidden or .. (Certification Tests)

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