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Students Must Be Ready To Cope GED Changes


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General Education Development (GED) is another chance for many people in America to obtain educational requirements that help them to start their career or go to college. GED test is based on five subjects: mathematics, science, reading, writing and social studies. The news from department of education is that the test will change from five to four subjects on 2 Jan. , 2014. Writing section will be eliminated and essay section will be adjusted in other sections. The new test will be implemented on most states.

The test will be taken on computers completely from 2014, the immediate unofficial results will be provided after the completion of test. The will be based on the same model of representing the better knowledge level to 60 % of high school graduates. Students who fail to complete their test by the end of 2013 will have to re-start the test from the beginning. This can worry students to complete their test on time otherwise they have to take all GED tests.

Adults should start learning today if they want to complete their GED within a year since you may be familiar with the current testing method but after that you may find it difficult to take test according to the new system. People who are earning GED must earn it quick because if they were not able to pass the test before 2014, their efforts, energy, money and time will be wasted.

We cannot say that this decision will bring positive or negative changes but current GED students will be affected. Students take the GED test for number of reasons, the most important reason is their personal satisfaction, the desire to be a better role model for their children and the last one is to earn more money.

People with high school diploma earn $566,000 more than people without one in their life. GED diploma will made a huge difference in life, it will help you feel proud, and you will feel accomplished. It took about 6 months to prepare for the test if you really want to earn GED .

Earning GED must not be your final step it should be your first step towards progress in life. After that you must plan life but make sure you obtain GED before the new rules or if you want to delay then you must wait for the proper implementation of the new method. Acquire full information before attempting test.

General Education Development program or GED Online program is a test designed for students who are dropped out of High School or for any reason were not able to complete their regular High School. The GED Online program is also for students who have been home schooled and have never been to a regular High School. Students are given the option to take a comprehensive GED Online test to prove their knowledge and skills, gained through self study or working experience. They simply need to prove that they have the knowledge of an average High School student.


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