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How to Pass the CISSP and Have a Great Career in Information Security


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What is the CISSP? This might be your first question. It deals with the field of information security. Everything can be found online these days, and you do not want everything to be found. This is where information security comes in. It serves to protect your interests as they relate to online information. You demonstrate your skill by showing you know how to pass the CISSP. That is only the beginning.

The CISSP is an international way for an individual to demonstrate competence and mastery of information security. The proficiency shown by knowing how to pass the CISSP spans several disciplines and sets an individual apart as being uniquely certified to work in the field on information security.

In a world that requires individuals who are skilled in the use and protection of networks from security threats, there has to be some common way to determine a particular individual's ability to work in the field. A universal standard allows an employer to assess potential candidates for positions that deal with such security issues while allowing a candidate for a position to be able to demonstrate a certain level of mastery of the previously mentioned topics.

The CISSP is this standard. By testing an individual's knowledge of various aspects of network security, potential attacks, and the corresponding countermeasures, an individual can prove that he or she is qualified to work in the field. Without such standardized testing tools, it would be far more difficult to distinguish actual expertise from a partial knowledge of the subject.

The CISSP covers a variety of subject areas in information security. Of course, it covers maintaining the integrity of a network, potential threats, and the appropriate, effective ways of dealing with those threats. It covers the vulnerabilities that are commonly found in network setups. It includes sections dealing with the creation of secure networks from the ground up.

It includes what must be done if an attack succeeds in avoiding countermeasures and defences. An individual must know how to deal with such an eventuality, how the network would recover, and how that plan would be put in place. It involves follow up in the form of criminal investigations and forensics. With so many topics covered, knowing how to pass the CISSP indicates a level of knowledge across the many areas that are covered by information security.

The reason why a certain level of proficiency must me demonstrated is that the threats are real. A penetration of a network can do a lot of damage so expertise in the field of information security is a valuable commodity. They have to know enough to keep the ones who should not be able to get in from getting in while still allowing access to those who should be able to access the information.

It is a matter of maintaining security while not sacrificing the user friendly aspect of a network for any who might have reason to use it in an authorized manner. A successful hacking attempt can mean the release of sensitive information or damage to the network itself that could take time, money, and effort to repair. It is an eventuality that must be avoided at all costs.

A level of proficiency is proven when an individual learns how to pass the CISSP. That individual has demonstrated a working knowledge of information security that is a real asset to their own career and to the company that employs them. It shows that they can do the job and do it well. An individual gains more than a passing grade when they know how to pass the CISSP.

Andy West is a writer for Logical Securities which offers training and education on how to pass the CISSP .


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