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Keeping Your Cloud Computing Solutions Secure

Katherine Jackman

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As computing solutions become more and more popular and more businesses start using them, the need for a service that you can trust becomes more apparent. While there are third party services out there all offering kinds of things that seems too good to be true, if they’re offering you such superlative solutions for free then alarm bells should be ringing. We all love a good deal, of course, but we also need to make sure that we exercise some common sense when it comes to anything claiming to be free.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to cloud computing solutions you pay for quality, and it’s these solutions to prove to be a better long-term investment for the way business is run. While a free service seems appealing, it doesn’t compare to the level of service and security actually get when you pay for a reliable third party service. For one, there are no hidden costs to worry about because you’re paying for what you get; free cloud computing solutions may seem great at first, but it won’t be long before you run out of space and the costs start mounting up month on month until it becomes unmanageable. Aside from that, free services simply can’t provide the levels of safety that a paid for third party cloud computing provider can.

Practical, efficient and effective IT solutions cost money to develop and operate securely, and if you’re going to store your valuable data on third party then why wouldn’t you choose the company that seems the most trustworthy? There are too many risks involved to go with a company that you’re not 100% confident in for whatever reason; what if your crucial files were lost or corrupted while in their care? There’s even the risk of your files being shared with the public, however inadvertently. These are the risks inherent with cheaper and free cloud computing solutions that simply shouldn’t be ignored. This is especially true of businesses, particularly true of start-ups working on a restricted budget, but in the end a paid for solution will provide the best return on investment.

Of course, even the most trustworthy organisations are not immune from the privacy issues that tend to surround the cloud computing industry. The Sony Playstation Network incident springs to mind, where thousands of users’ private details were accidentally leaked, and that’s only beginning to scratch the surface. So, when even the biggest names in cloud computing are subject to huge gaffes like this, what’s to be done? How can you find the best cloud solutions for businesses?

Private cloud solutions provided by dedicated cloud computing providers is always your safest bet; you not only receive the best possible level of service including Hosted Exchange, but your data is also backed up daily and stored on a mirror system to ensure that your files are kept safe and secure at all times. These solutions enable you to work more efficiently and effectively, able to work anywhere and at any time without the extra worry of data security niggling at the back of your mind.

North East Cloud are dedicated cloud computing solution providers that can give your business secure, high quality solutions on its private and public cloud servers.


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