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How to boot your computer when it doesn't turn on

Leah Spencer

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Imagine a life where everything from electronics to kitchen appliances to office essentials all come to a standstill. The reasons for these could be lack of power supply or some problem in the basic machinery which needs to be rectified immediately. When computers fall prey to this, then the entire world comes to a halt. Computers are the storage banks in today's scenario and their non- working means absolute failure. Even at homes when the computer does not turn on it actually causes a headache to the entire family. It becomes imperative to access the real problem quickly for a smooth working and sailing. Boot in computer terminology means to open up what ever is shut down. The many causes and the solutions to boot the computer when it doe snot turn on are as follows.

A computer does not turn on in two ways i. e either the whole system does not work or the windows do not open. We can compare it to a CFL like when on switching the main power supply, either the whole house does not get power or only the CFL does not work. In the world of computers this means that either the PC or the windows are under going some sort of a problem. The first and the foremost task is to check the supply of the electricity to the main system. The basic cord carrying the electricity has to be thoroughly checked for any damage or cuts which is resulting in the lack of supply. Another small thing that is to be seen is the proper fixing or putting of the plug in the socket. This should not be loose as it will again disrupt the supply. If something does not seem right then the AC adaptor can also be put and another electrical appliance can be installed in the same socket to see where the actual problem lies. It is also a possibility that the power strip might be having a problem or is actually not turned on or has got little misplaced. In the case of a laptop, it is advisable to change the power cord after seeking help from the experts as it is an expensive item and it should be handled by the professionals only. Laptops will have unique AC adaptors as per the model that means just any adaptor cannot be fixed. This has to have specific code. If the problem still persists then it is better to change the desktop power supply as this will boot your computer really fast. It is not very expensive to do so.

The second problem here is that the PC starts but the windows are unable to download any data or files. It is a big possibility that the hard drive is not able to identify the program as may be the instructions have not been sent through a proper channel or the correct boot sequence. It is must to check the set up program for identifying the correct sequence. Boot for computer can also be taken care of by the flash drive and a Live Linux Disc as these will definitely help in the booting of the computer or the laptop. These will identify the lacunae and will correct it immediately.

Any problem once tackled effectively after assessing the whole scenario will give a life to the electronic gadgets and will also save the unnecessary expenditure on their maintenance!

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