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Cable Assemblies House Your Wires for Better Protection and Organization


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Without cable assemblies, your wiring, regardless of application, can end up a bit unwieldy. Have a look behind your home entertainment center or computer or the server stack at work and there’s bound to be an overwhelming amount of wires leading every which way to who knows what and who knows where. Cable assemblies collect this mass of wires, pulling the like-minded wires together for a much more organized effort. This results in a cleaner area, not to mention makes the process of connecting and disconnecting the components much quicker and easier.

These harnesses have multiple applications, shapes and sizes depending on the need. In fact, most wires protruding from your home stereo or video equipment are already housed in cable assemblies, wrapped in a rubberized coating for safety. Cable assemblies go much further than consumer electronics and can range from medical and military applications to agricultural and industrial.

Imagine simply laying loose wires around. Loose wires across a room, hallway, trail or so forth can pose a hazard for those traveling over them. A harness collects those wires together, creating a single obstacle instead of many. The single obstacle is much more manageable and can be safely avoided. Beyond simply tripping over a bundle of loose wires, the un-managed wires can be dangerous themselves. Whether it is a situation where two particular wires cannot touch, should they short out or be it a human touch that can potentially result in an electric shock - neither scenario is something that should be left up to chance. A rubberized coating protects the wires from each other and from the humans handling them. Working outside, loose wires are susceptible to the elements - they need to be able to withstand not only freezing cold temperature, but rain, ice, snow and the heat of the summer. The job of the wires themselves is to transfer data, not worry about protecting themselves - much like a person dons a jacket to protect themselves from the elements, so too the wires must don protective and collective coating to ensure the continued use throughout the seasons. Not just the harshness of the elements, but insufficient protection can lead the wires to bend unnaturally; thus breaking or limiting their function. A protective coating, much like a football player’s helmet and pads, reduces the risk of unnatural movement - again further ensuring uninterrupted working service.

The cable assemblies not only help protect the wires, but help fit the wires. In automobiles, military applications or otherwise there may be an overwhelming number of connections that must be made for the particular piece of equipment to properly function. For better efficiency, these wires must be wrapped in the harnesses, allowing the process of installing, fitting and moving the wires to become a much easier task. The tightly bound harness of wires can be installed and fit much better in tighter and more secure places than a large mess; just as a tightly wound spool of threading is much more manageable than an unraveled one. This binding also helps to prevent unnecessary and frustrating tangles, reducing the amount of movement allowed. It can be frustrating enough trying to separate the two separate ends of a pair of headphones, imagine attempting to do this with the electrical wiring of an automobile engine. It would drive the average person batty.

Wires are unavoidable but the tangled mess that is commonly associated with them doesn’t have to be. Cable assemblies can be created to tackle any wiring application, regardless of use, location and so forth. When properly bound, the wires become much more manageable and usable.


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Attention of 4 cores round cable and submersible underground cable
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