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Boot process when Boot fails

Nitesh Ahir

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I am a Windows 7 OS (Operating System) user. A couple of days ago as I was using my computer (playing game), a sudden power failure occurred and my PC restarted. I was startled for a moment because that never happens. Probably voltages up down or something like that have happened. Anyhow, when my PC restarted I could not get it to boot up. No matter what I do, it won’t start. It shows a “Boot failure” message. I tried to give it a rest and then boot up again, nothing happened. And then I freaked out because my PC came with preinstalled Windows 7 (32bit) and I don’t have a Windows 7 Bootable USB as the PC doesn’t provide the boot disc. So, I started my laptop and tried to find out the problem. Turned out that it can happen when system files are corrupted, deleted or virus infected. As virus is not the case, the other two possibilities seemed plausible.

My solution was to buy a Windows 7 DVD (which is really costly). So I searched for other options and an even better option came out. It’s LiveBoot 2012 by Wondershare. It is an emergency boot disc that acts as a failsafe tool.

With this tool you can boot up crashed OS even if it is completely corrupted. It can work as a partition manager with all the partition utility like delete, format, create etc. It also acts as a HDD (Hard Disk Drive) recovery tool. It can recover data from formatted, deleted HD and even from corrupted HDD. Again it also can find Windows License Key so that if you lost it, you won’t have to repurchase it. You also can reset your login password in case you cannot remember it.

Once you install it in another PC and with it make a Boot CD , you can use that in the crashed PC (like I did). You can also make USB sticks to be bootable with it. Now one problem may occur while you try to boot it in your crashed PC. The BIOS may not recognize your USB or DVD ROM as a boot device. This is how you make your BIOS detect it.

Restart your PC. If you are using a Bootable CD , then insert it to your USB port prior to the restart.

When it shows the first screen, press the button which let you enter the BIOS. Usually it is the “DEL” or “F8” or “F10”. IT depends on which motherboard you are using. Check at the bottom of the screen to see which button you need to press to enter BIOS settings.

Once inside the BIOS settings, find the Boot option.

There you will get a Boot Priority option.

You will see options like “First Boot Priority” and “Second Boot Priority”. Usually “First Boot Priority” is set to HDD or DVD ROM.

Choose DVD ROM as the “First Boot Priority” if you are using a Boot USB . In case of USB, choose the USB drive you are using.

Save and restart.

Afterwards it will take you to the LiveBoot interface where you will be at liberty to choose from many options. Choose the one you want and it will do the job for you.

To acquire this software go here: You can also order the Boot Disc with it if you don’t want to make a bootable device yourself.

Wondershare Software, founded in 2003 provides a wide range of Computer Utilities, Multimedia Converters and Creators, Business and Lifestyle Software for both Windows and Mac users, including System Boot CD, Computer Recovery Software, Data and Photo Recovery Software, System Clone Software, Free Disk Manager, Partition Software, System Error Repairing Software, System Tune Up Software, Video and Audio Converters, DVD Creators, DVD SlideShow, PDF Converters, etc. For more information or download free programs, you can visit its official site


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