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4 Basic PC Maintenance Tips to Avoid Frequent Repairs


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Every computer user must understand and implement a number of PC maintenance techniques to use the system over a longer period of time. When your computer is cleaned and maintained in a proper manner, you can avoid major computer repair expenses. If you are using multiple computers for business purposes, it is advisable to retain the computer repair and maintenance services of a qualified technician. But your personal computer can easily be maintained by you by implementing a set of simple measures. You can follow some of these techniques on a regular basis to use your personal computer without any type of interruptions and disturbances.

Store Your Files in an Organized Manner: Storing all your working files is one of the most effective PC maintenance measures. When you store all your frequently used files under a single folder, it becomes much easier to track the individual files and take back up without spending any additional time. Further, the action will be very much effective in improving the speed of your computer. Similarly, you must avoid storing your personal files directly under the root of the C: drive, because the act may result in corrupting the disk file table of your computer.

Uninstall Unnecessary Software and Apps: You can include uninstalling the programs and applications that you have not used since quite some time as part of the regular PC maintenance exercise. However, the apps and programs must be uninstalled by following the exact and appropriate method. When you delete the programs, these are not completely removed from your hard disc. Therefore, you have to remove the programs by choosing the Add or Remove Programs option from the control panel of your PC. If the programs are not removed properly from the hard disc of your computer, these will affect the performance of your PC.

Consider Using Flash Drives: Most of the people prefer to store the hardware drivers and software installer files directly on the hard drive of your computer. But you must consider the PC maintenance measure and remove these files from the hard drive of your computer. You can always store these files on a flash drive to free some amount of disc space on the computer hard disc. The step will be very much effective in improving the performance and speed of your system. It is advisable to check for such files at regular intervals and transfer these to the flash drive for future use.

Follow the Safety Guidelines: A large percentage of the computer related problems are caused due to the online viruses and malwares. Most of the modern people access internet on their computer by making the systems more prone to virus attacks. Therefore, you must consider including a number of preventive and security measure as part of the regular PC maintenance measures. It is always better to delete the suspicious emails immediately without opening these. Further, you must avoid downloading email attachments that have some specific filename extensions like exe, vbs, js, mdb and reg. You must scan the local drive of the computers periodically by running reliable anti-virus program.


Rihana Martin is a computer freak, who has experience in running an online support center providing online computer support and online PC repair services to global consumers. She has also written many professional articles and blogs on topics related to computer PC maintenance and remote computer repair.


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Basic Treadmill Maintenance - Taking Care of Your Machine
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