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Current and Future Kindle Devices


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I'm sure you've head about the Kindle readers and various Kindle reading devices but you're probably not sure what's the difference between them and if you really need one of these devices at all, but you're still here reading this post then I guess somewhere deep in your heart you are curious and maybe crave for the Kindle reader. So, let make everything clear about the devices and what they can offer you.

Kindle 3G

The most sold and famous device so far is without a doubt the Kindle 3G which is also known now as the Kindle Keyboard 3G and that is because there are newer Kindle devices out today, but we'll get to that. This amazing reader can store up to 3,500 books and magazines in it and it's wireless so that means you can now read any book or magazine you wish no matter where you are and the best part is that you don't have to carry a single book with you in order to do that. The Kindle 3G is also equipped with a battery that can last for a whole moth and a free 3G and Wi-Fi so this means you can take the reader anywhere you like, read at places without elctricity and even download books at any time straight to the device in only 60 seconds. It is also very thin, light and small and weights only 8.7 ounces.

Newer Kindle

No too long ago, Amazon has announced about a newer Kindle device which reminds a little bit the Kindle 3G but comes with slight difference in its features than the Kindle 3G. This new Kindle is cheaper than the Kindle 3G device and can store less books in it, but it's still a pretty good reader. The newer Kindle device is able to store 1,400 books in it, but it is so compact and light that it weights less than 6 ounces and that's less than the Kindle 3G that weights 8.7 ounces. This reader is so convenient that it even fits your pocket - amazing!

Some of the newer features in it is the option to adjust text size and font and you have 8 text sizes and 3 fonts to choose for your reading and that's very nice, there is a free backup cloud option and that means you store all your reading material in the Amazon cloud so you don't need a memory card and it's all safe and as for the other features they are pretty much the same as the 3G version with a battery that lasts for a whole month, E-Ink display feature for clean and crisp look of the screen, 6" screen size and more. This is not a bad reader at all to consider as well and it costs less than the 3G version.

Future Kindle Devices

Amazon already announced the release of new Kindle devices (so far in the US only) and they are the Kindle Touch and the Kindle Fire tablet that will be the answer to Apple's iPad 2. I believe these new devices will be available in the UK market and the rest of the world as well during 2012 so we have a lot to look forward since the Kindle Touch will have new features and the new touch screen of-course and the tablet will be more than just a reader where you'll be able to watch movies, play, check email, read books and magazines and much much more. So, if you're asking yourself these days a question like where can I buy a Kindle you should ask no more. Just head over to and learn everything there is to know about all the current and future Kindle devices and then decide which one suits to you best and start enjoying a whole new experience of reading that will soon become pure entertainment.

Have a great day and enjoy your reading.


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