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The Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)


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Now days we see electronics comfortable in almost all areas of human life, human life science, who works as an intelligent human being compared. In many areas of electronics performance and quality had improved its human counterparts such as performing calculations, vision, speed of processing, decision making, etc. This article is worth the progress and some news in connection with electronic short-smelling.

The human nose is the basis for the determination of the odor, it could be the food, perfumes etc of years. But there are certain limits beyond which a person may not smell good. The circumstances are as common cold, winter or rainy environment, or some natural limitations, there, beyond which a person does not smell right. Dogs or other animals are living, the greater accuracy of the identification of odors correctly. The electronic smell had gone much further in terms of accuracy. It automatically detects odors.

Construction:The E-Nose has chemical sensing system and a pattern recognition system. It consists of a series of chemical sensors. This array, each element measures other property of the acquired chemical compound. It may be a spectrometer. This will also produce a series of measurements for each chemical. It may be a combination of both. Each chemical vapor deposition has a signature or pattern characteristic of the steam. We present many different chemicals to the sensor array and create a database of signatures. Now this database is used to train the pattern recognition system. The goal of training is to configure it, the recognition will give the uniform classification.
We need a minimum number of sensors monitored with the same number of chemicals. Here to identify chemical we use a number of sensors and eachSensor reacts to a given chemical.
The Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are used only for pattern recognition and analyze complex data. When an ANN is combined with a sensor array, the number of detectable chemicals greater than the number of sensors. Less selective sensors can be used with this approach. Once the ANN is trained for chemical vapor deposition recognition, the sensor data is distributed over the network. Since this is simply the number of vector-matrix multiplications, unknown chemicals can be identified quickly in the field.

Applications:Environment monitoring:Huge amount of hazardous waste is generated by nuclear energy or weapons production. It is necessary to develop new and emerging technologies for the remediation of environmental damage and the management of waste in a cost effective manner. This means the development of portable, inexpensive systems that provide real-time identification of contaminants in the field are necessary. Electronic nose fits this category. Other applications include environmental toxin identification, fuel-mixture analysis, oil leakage detection, house-hold odor perception, factory emission monitoring.

Medicine:The sense of smell is important that doctors, electronic nose can be used as a diagrammatic tool. An electronic nose can smell from the body to investigate and potential problems.
Food industry:Currently, this is the biggest market for this type of device. It can be used to supplement or replace the panels of human experts. Possible applications of the electronic nose in the food industry are the quality inspection of food by smell, fish inspection, fermentation, etc.

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