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Linux on the PS3


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The Sony PS3 as the console sold for games, but the Sony Playstation 3 is actually also a powerful PC that can install an alternative operating system like Linux .

People usually use the console fto play, but the PS3 console is much more to offer. If you can install Linux on the PS3 to your PS3 console and other than a computer.

However, we must mention one problem. In March, Sony disabled the “Other OS" function with the new firmware v3.21. The update is not mandatory, but customers who do not want to install would be cut from a number of other functions such as registration on the PlayStation Network.
A class action lawsuit against Sony in April for the “deliberate obstruction of valuable functionality originally advertised as available"

To complete the installation of Linux is still possible, but you should be aware that you will not be able to use some other PS3 features.

There are many benefits that can be achieved by installing Linux on a PS3 as:
* You can use different protocols that are not supported on the PS3. The PS3 operating system allows you to read and recognize only a few minutes. When you install your Linux machine is able to recognize and read a lot of new data formats such as WMV, Quicktime and many others. * Web browsing will be faster. Linux-based browsers ares far better than the native PS3 web browser. You can browse the Internet in a much more efficient and faster way. * Word processing. Linux gives you the ability to do, Your word processor and directly from your PS3. You can install and use word processors like Open Office and many others. If you connect your printer to the PS3, you can use it to print files and images. * Many additional applications on the PS3. The installation of Linux on the PS3 give you the opportunity to install and use a Linux-compatible application. If you can install a Windows emulator on Linux to also add Windows applications,

The installation of Linux on the PS3 allows you to choose to dual-boot and use, what operating system you want to run on start-up. You can use for your daily activities and the PS3 games for Linux operating system factory.
Many are concerned that requiring the installation of Linux, the PS3 could guarantee invalid, but it turned out that the Linux installation on the PS3 will not void your warranty at all since the installation of anotherOperating system on a PS3 not as a risky activity.

Considered after reading the above-mentioned advantages of installing Linux on the PS3 that Sony built the PS3 with 8 CPU cores, and this makes the PS3 a multifunctional supercomputer. Even the U. S. Army has recently decided to more than 100 PS3 for the construction of a super-computer buying, installing Linux on it allows you to make full use of this opportunity.
An easy way to install Linux, on the PS3 is, first install a program that finally install Linux. One of the best examples of PS3 is the Magic that you will stepStep is to install Linux completely.
The program can be installed on the PS3 either by burning a CD with the downloaded file or Magic PS3 via a USB stick.

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