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PC optimization tips.


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In order to keep your PC running at the most stable, secure and smooth state, you need to maintain your computer on a regular basis. There are number of ways to optimize PC, improving your system performance, and you can carry out them very easily.

First, defragment your hard disk at least once a weak. When you delete some of your files or uninstall programs, empty spaces are left on your hard drive. These free spaces are like wholes scatter around your hard drive. When you store new files or install new programs, they are put randomly into these wholes. If the whole is not big enough to fix the program, the program will be split into several pieces and take up however many these spaces to stores the data. This is how the files on your hard drive become fragmented. One program may be split into little pieces and be spread all over your hard drive. And when you need to use these files, it takes longer for your computer to find them. You have to defragment your hard drive on a regular basis so all the related pieces are moved close to each other. The operation of defragmenting your hard drive could take several hours, depending on the amount of information and the size of your hard drive.

Second, repair registry errors. Some of registry errors might appear harmless in the very beginning but after a period of time, you can fell their negative impact on the operation of the system, such as blue screen, crash, freeze, error messages, tardy launch time and so on. You cannot leave registry errors when you are considering optimize your computer, as they can cause big problem. In order to repair registry errors, you need to thoroughly scan your registry and clean up those invalid and corrupted items in it.

Third, clean up temporary files and history. The accumulation of temporary files and history will occupy large space of your hard disk and therefore interfere in your computer performance. Regularly cleaning them will free up your hard disk and ensure every operation you perform on the computer would get enough space.

Forth, disable unneeded startup applications or services. Your computer may start slow because there are too many applications or services that are trying to be loaded during start up. These applications or services take up the resources that your computer cannot stand to lose and hinder the speed of start up. If you want your computer to start rapidly, you may want to remove some of these start-up applications or services. You can simply delete them from the start up list or you may uncheck the option of loading when starts up. With all the unnecessary start up applications or services eliminated, your computer will starts as quickly as before.

Optimize pc is very important for every computer user to achieve better computer performance. You can optimize pc performance in many different ways. What I mentioned above are the basic solutions addressed to the problem of How to Optimize PC. To find out more check out laptops hub .


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