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How to Make Your Computer Run Faster


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A running-slow computer would make anyone frustrated, especially when you have some urgent task to do on the computer. If you have ever search the causes for this problem on the internet, you can find that there are so many causes that would bring about slow computer, such as insufficient RAM,viruses and spyware, registry errors, file fragments and so on. So, the next step is how to determine what cause lead to the slow computer and how to solve this problem.

Here are some procedures you can follow:
Check your RAM: insufficient RAM is one of the most common for the computer running so slow! Increasing your RAM can really help in improving the speed of the computer. If your RAM is not big enough, running/using software which occupy a huge amount of memory makes the computer run very slow. Also, if there are several programs running at the same time in your computer, the speed of your computer would also be affected. Then increasing RAM is advisable to boost up the speed. Another simple way to ensure a good speed on your computer is to periodically delete unwanted mp3, cookies and files of similar nature. It is advisable to have at least 10% of the hard disk free for smooth functioning.

Beware of the viruses and spyware: viruses will get an access to your computer via your download of favorite movies, musics, ringtones, and pictures. Therefore you should be really careful when you download anything from the internet. And make sure you have equipped your computer with the best antivirus so that your computer can reach a speed beyond expectation.
I am sure you come across a lot of pop up windows and advertisements while surfing the net! While you are trying to browse about airfares, suddenly a window pops up, asking you to date the women whose pictures keep flashing all the way through! This is nothing but a way to take control of your machine! The greatest threat is that they can keep a check of all the websites you are visiting! Therefore, it's important that your computer has proper spyware protection which can help you get rid of spyware and take care of these threats.

Run registry scan and detect registry errors: 90 per cent of the speed problems in a computer are a result of windows registry errors. Your windows registry has a track record of all the software in your PC. Well, with frequent downloading, we tend to pitch in many unwanted software entries, thus, slowing our PC. However, you could increase the performance of your computer by bringing into use a registry cleaning program, that can be fetched from the Internet itself. If you run the program, and fix the errors, it will delete all the unwanted entries that could harm the speed of your computer system. This is one of the easiest methods to speed up your computer.

By following these procedures you can fix slow computer , and greatly speed up computer . Hope they can help you and you need never ask yourself why is my pc so slow .


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How Do I Make My Computer Faster Than Normal?
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