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Why Need to Erase Computer History


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You probably have never been aware that your personal computer is a big and powerful recorder of all your computer activities. Whether you are surfing the internet, searching your files and documents, having chat sessions, sending or receiving files, using all kinds of programs and applications, or doing whatever, your computer is capturing every keystroke and recording your tracks about where you have been, what you have viewed and what you have done.

In some circumstances, the information that your computer have recorded have many advantages to enable you get your work on computer faster and easily. For example, you do not need to enter exactly every words to the search engine for the second time as your computer have already automatically record them. However, computer history will also bring about many problems—the hard disk that stores history items will get smaller and smaller, and others will trace all your computer activities quite easily as long as you not clear the computer history.

There are three types of computer history. They are: internet history (including internet cache, cookies and other information), windows history (consisting of document history, find and search history, temporary file directory, start menu click and order history, etc. ) and application history (such as instant messaging, Microsoft office and other applications).

You might want to clear computer history for the following reasons:
1) Clear up space on your computer. Computer history takes up space as all your computer history activities are cached, cookies are created and other information is stored. If you never delete your history these files will build up and eventually have a significant impact on the performance of your computer (one of the problems it will cause is windows slowdown).

2) Anonymity. For whatever reason you may not want people knowing what internet pages you have been browsing. This can be for a variety of reasons ranging from not wanting a spouse to find out what you bought her for her birthday to hiding the fact that you have been on Facebook all day from your boss!

3) Web development. A little known issue regarding internet history and cache comes up when you are doing web development and making lots of changes to a website you own. After you upload your changes and navigate to your site you may end up seeing the old version instead, which was cached on your computer. Clearing internet history will often eliminate this issue.

All in all, regularly clear history on computer is very necessary for every computer users. Then how to clear history on computer ? You can clear history manually after finding the exact place it stored, or use a tool to clear it automatically.


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How to Erase Internet Cache
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