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How to control module display when linking to a menu item


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Usually, you can control which modules display on the page assigned to the menu item from the module. But in some cases, you may not have a menu item corresponding to each site page.

A link to another article from

This is a real case is when you link to another article from the article. For example, you may articles on your site, do not have specific menu items relevant to them. Instead, you may link to these articles from other articles. In this case, you will not have a way to assign modules to individual articles.

You can still control what articles appear on the module manually set the link URL itemid part. Say, for example, you will have five different “page type" will be displayed, according to the article. Each “page type" will have its own combination of the modules. This is where you can set this up:

Create menu “hidden", and added five each menu item “page type. " Menu item type will be a paper layout.
Specify the module, each of these menu items in the normal way.
Do not create a “mod_mainmenu" to hide the menu module. This menu will not be displayed on your site, so there is no need for the menu module.
Note that these five items of each menu ID number. ID number displayed on the screen menu item manager.
Create a link the article, use one of the following:
Copy the link manually create links to a normal format of Joomla is: index.php's?
Option = com_content & view = article and the ID = 00 & itemid = yin, where xx is the desired article (from the article manager) ID and yy is the desired menu item “page type" (project manager from the menu) identity card.
If using the JCE editor or Linkr, creating an extension from the Edit link. Link to the desired article, and manually add “& itemid's = yy" link, then where yy is the desired menu item ID “page type. "
Any SEF components, such as sh404SEF or JoomSEF, so you can create a custom web site intended to blog work. When you create a 5 “page type" link to a random article (considering a virtual article) a menu item, simply copy the pages from the menu item to create non-SEF URLs. It is called as “link. " Then in your SEF component, create a custom, you just copy the link's URL SEF can only edit and ID = 00 where xx is your desired article number and add & itemid = yy where the yy from your custom “page type itemid's. " If it does not work, make sure you specify the module's custom “page type" in the Module Manager.
When these links appear, assigned to the corresponding menu item itemid = yy will display the corresponding article of the ID = 00 along the module. Please note that you can still use the Joomla SEF URL options. In this case, URL will be converted to SEF format, but the right will continue to use the itemid.

Link to the article in the module

The above example assumes you have a link with the URL control. However, in some cases, the link will be created for you automatically, so you do not have to manually change the URL of the itemid of the options. Examples of this include the latest news and most popular modules, which are automatically linked to your article. In this case, you can still control which modules when you link to the article. There are three possible methods.

The easiest trick is to assign the module, all menu items. In this way, no matter what they are. But you have to have a page with each module identified.
Another possibility is to use the layout of a group or category of hidden menu items. You can “hide" menu, instead of creating this “hidden" menu module. This gives you a menu item so that you can specify the required modules, each layout. If you do not have to be linked to this article, the layout of the article, Joomla will try to find a “similar" menu item, and use the project module. For example, if you create a hidden menu item layout and distribution of the first module, the menu item, then when you link to the article in the section assigned to the hidden part of the layout of the display module. This also applies to classified layout. Has a hierarchical structure, which is as follows:
Article Layout
Category blog layout
Category list layout
List Layout
Section blog layout
Please note that if you have the bread crumbs module is enabled, these hidden menu items will appear in the bread crumbs. This means that users will be able to browse to the hidden menu items in the bread crumbs from the link (for example, the section list layout. )
In a positive way to solve this problem (but also the most work) to create a separate menu item each article. This is the most work, but it allows you complete control over every article of the modules.
Expansion of display and control module

Another way this problem is to use the extended display module, which provides a detailed control module display.

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