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Single and multi-resolution touch screen technology


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Of electronic products, especially consumer products, how to control the user moves into the complex intuitive and convenient and can produce the experience, is facing the ultimate user interface design challenges. User interface design on the one hand, taking into account the user visual, hearing, taste, smell and touch the needs of the five senses, on the other hand have to take into account the needs of users of the device or system. Currently most of the products available in the market although effective, but mainly the user's visual and tactile dealt with separately. From the computer keyboard, phone keypad, MP3 players, household appliances and even a simple TV remote control button or other button above to adjust the volume slider, roller and track panels above the more advanced features click and scroll, the output position (also is the user's input or control action results) and the user's input location is different. If enable input and output, which fully meet the same visual and tactile, that the more wonderful! The consistency of the visual and tactile touch screen is a basic advantage.

Rang fully meet the visual and tactile line seems simple enough, but doing it is as good as a far-reaching technological breakthroughs, it will completely change the user interact with the way electronic products, so some people refer to this as the user interface revolution. Transparent touch-screen feature allows users to directly “touch" different content on the display, people like user interface design issue sigh. Because users no longer have to go around the electronic equipment in this or that button, such as a computer mouse or keyboard button or dial on the phone, but directly on the device and curing the “brain" (that is, its operating system) of the interaction. This is a revolutionary change, such control allows users to directly control the way a powerful operating system and applications, all in the user's fingertips. Of course, we can use the mouse on the computer screen and track access to the application board, but such control is not directly touch the screen with the screen and not allow users to integrate the embedded application. In fact, we think we can come through a variety of actions or gestures to use the touch screen, so that the display has become vibrant and vivid, as long as the eye can see, can interact by simply touching. Touch screen is currently divided into three categories: single-point touch; the direction of multi-finger touch recognition; multi-touch finger position identification.

The development of touch-screen functionality from simple and complex, the initial product only supports the simplest of control, is a little finger on the touch screen to achieve control. For example, our everyday supermarket POS terminals in the Annex, or at the airport check-in terminals for the operation. Previously, we only mechanical buttons around the screen to control, single-point touch screen on the basis of the user interface to achieve a major improvement. Of course, mechanical, and a new capacitive touch sensor buttons in our homes, offices and other places everywhere: mobile phone, fixed telephone, remote control, television, computers and various peripherals, game consoles, refrigerators, microwave, oven, and car radio and air conditioning, electronic control equipment and so on. Now, as shown in Figure 1 following single-point touch screen on the display the user control interface directly integrated, so no longer need the traditional mechanical buttons.

This screen brings two major benefits for the user interface, one device to optimize the design space, particularly conducive to small devices, because in the same area while the “Install" screen and buttons; Second, because the button can be bound to the operation system in any application, the equipment used “button" can reach an unlimited number. The function is primarily based on resistive touch screen technology on the basis, in the consumer electronics, airport newsstands, grocery stores and automotive GPS system, POS terminals and other applications have been widely promoted.

Although the single-point touch-screen and resistive touch screen technology is amazing and quite revolutionary, but it still has two major drawbacks, one resistive touch screen technology relies on physical movement, despite little effect, but after normal wear and tear aging , performance will drop; two of such technology only supports single-touch, that is Yici only the screen with a finger to do a single action a region. Why is the user interaction with the device can only be limited to a fingers? The user interface, Apple has made immeasurable contributions to the revolution, the introduction of the iPhone uses a capacitive touch screen sensor. Even in smart phones and other small devices, in order to give full play to the function of applications and operating systems, also need multiple fingers to achieve the best possible availability. Thanks to Apple, the user is now hard to imagine how the past two fingers do not support the case of gestures, such as the following Figure 2 shows the complete picture zoom, and photo albums, web pages and changes the orientation of the view related operations The.

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