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Touch Screen LCD Monitor: Modern Innovation


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Touch screen LCD is a great innovation in the technology sector is a microcosm. There are basically two types of displays. The first auction of display is the cathode ray tube or CRT monitors, which is the traditional one. The other is the liquid crystal display, which is known commonly known as liquid crystal displays. It is a more advanced display technology. People are more cathode ray tubes, is the use of the familiar in a good old TV. However, LCD is the latest popular technology.

Although, it's more of the new type of technology it has created ripples in the field of display technology. Advantage, with this technology, because it saves space and energy. Compared with the traditional CRT technology, which will be more efficient and compact. Some, such as CRT displays over the other advantages discussed below.

The advantage of the touch screen LCD monitor CRT monitor

Touch screen CRT monitors set up in this case the predecessor. In view of the touch screen LCD monitor is new. However, both widely different from each other, because of the absolute different technologies. CRT touch screen LCD with touch screen than the advantage in size. LCD display is very lightweight. In terms of space occupied, it is said, an LCD touch screen takes up a comparison of the same size CRT touch screen, only one third of one-third of the space.

Previously, only the touch screen display provides a 17-inch CRT size. But now, LCD touch screen, 15 and 17 inches in size as well. As flat LCD touch screen, viewing area is greater than when, CRT monitor. This is proved by the fact that in the 17-inch CRT monitor, visual area of only 16 inches, and in close proximity to the LCD display, full 17-inch viewing area.

The shortcomings of the touch screen LCD module

In some big features and advantages of LCD touch screen, although there is a problem. That is, it does not show all the colors. In addition, it can not display multiple resolutions as well as it is done by the CRT touch screen.

However, despite this limitation, people prefer LCD touch screen. In fact, these days, many people choose LCD touch screen on their TV, computer screen or mobile phone. lcm , display module


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Touch Screen Interfaces - Why You Need a New Just-About-Anything
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