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What's Up With This Digital TV Transition?


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In the age of technology, the world of TV is experiencing the revolution. Analog TV will be replaced by digital TV. By the year 2012, TV users all around the world will have made the switch from analog to digital broadcast. Sooner or later every country in the world will learn to accept this advancement in technology.

From what I can recall, the previous alike revolution occurred was the introduction of color TV. Back then, it didn't create such a big impact because existing television were compatible with the monochrome signals. Therefore, no one has to change their TV equipment and they can still receive TV broadcast. They only need to change their TV's equipment if they want to have color TV. This time round, anybody who is still using a TV that is still using analog signals will not be able to receive anything. They will need to upgrade their existing TV set to receive the new signals transmit digitally.

To receive the signals, the older TV sets must be added with a digital converter so that the digital signals obtain can be converted to analog. Then you will be able to see pictures on your TV screen. Other options include, satellite TV, digital cable TV or digital terrestrial TV. For cable TV, it is only available in the more dense area or places in cities. If you are living in a rural area, you will have to seek other solution.

With the change in signal transmission, you can no longer watch a program and record another on your VCR. To do this with a digital TV, you will need more than one digital tuner. In other word, you VCR might have to be digital too. This means that recording a program could be a little more difficult but it can be easily solved with a little bit of spending.

As for a digital TV, you will get clearer pictures with more choices of channels because less bandwidth is needed compared to the analog service. Once the analog service is terminated permanently, more services are likely to show up because of the extra bandwidth available. In any case, there is always good and bad in a progression or a transition because people will need time to adapt and eventually, technology will drive the future of things.

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