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The Facts About Computers Seven Common Misconceptions


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So - you think you know all there is about computers? There are a lot of popular misconceptions about the machines we live with, work with and play with. So perhaps you might not know your PC as well as you think.

Here are some of the popular myths about computers.

You should leave your personal computer on all the time. There's nothing wrong with turning off your machine periodically-it's actually beneficial.

Deleting your files erases them forever. You should never consider your computer completely “clean" after dropping your files in the trash can.

Magnets murder your data. An extremely powerful magnet can erase a hard drive, but not your garden-variety refrigerator magnets.

An antivirus program isn't necessary if I use a firewall. A firewall simply prevents unauthorized users from entering your system remotely. They don't know anything about viruses.

Restarting is bad for a computer. Hitting “restart" doesn't harm your computer at all, and in some cases it may actually do it some good.

Updating your computer's software makes it faster. It can make your computer run more slowly if its running requirements are high enough.

Freeware is safe to download. Many free programs finance themselves by bundling adware in with their programs. When you download the free software, the adware installs itself as well.

Computer technology has changed quickly in just a few decades-and what was true then isn't necessarily true now. Today's computers are more powerful, safer, and more stable-and many of these beliefs don't stand up to further examination.

Chris Smith is director for a Leicestershire data center management company. For more info visit


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