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Photography Calibration - Shutter Bug


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As you get more and more comfortable with your camera, you can experiment further with its settings to be able to get more out of it. Learning about how to manipulate your camera's white balance calibration can do wonders for your photographs.

Whether you are studying to be a professional photographer or just want to be more adept with your hobby, it is important to realize that light is one of the most important factors to consider when taking a photograph. After all, the etymology of the word photograph comes from the combination of two Greek words: photo, which means light, and graphics which loosely translated means paintbrush.

Given this, we can see that fundamentally, photographs are painting pictures with light. Basic physics taught us that objects emit light and we use our cameras to capture this light to be able to produce an image.

In extremely well lit situations such as outdoor on a sunny day, there is a possibility that the photographs we take can become over exposed, which result in a washed out look. This makes the quality of our images suffer. The same thing happens when we take a photograph of an object with a white background and with excessive light around us. To prevent this from happening, mastering your white balance calibration and doing this manually in your camera is a must.

To be able to become adept at this, you will need to experiment and try out different scenarios and settings for white balance calibration. You may be surprised to note that it is possible to take professional looking product shots without the cost of a professional studio. All you will need are simple set ups and the manual adjustments on the white balance calibration tool of your camera.

Given the importance of this white balance calibration tool, you need to make sure that your camera is equipped with this function and that you can manipulate and adjust it manually. For instance if you need to take nice product shots but can't afford the high expense of procurement and maintenance of a professional studio, you can make simple set ups where you set up a white background in an area that is brightly lit and take a photograph of the object on this white background.

Take special care to adjust the white balance calibration manually to produce wonderful, professional looking shots. Once you've got the hang of white balance calibration manually, you're off to capturing and sharing, wonderful photographs.

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