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Even with top-of-the-line name brands and products considered superior in their leagues, there may be issues of quality. Even the best products may have some room for improvement. Nothing is perfect, after all.

This is true even of the acclaimed Bose Quiet Comfort 2 headphones. They are extremely expensive. And even though they are the best performing headphones available, their design leaves a few things to be desired.

The Bose Quiet Comfort 2 headphones are packed into a sturdy box for shipping, and the company includes the single AAA battery required for use. Also included is an eight (!) language instruction book, quick start guide, and warranty card. They also provide a connector cord to connect the headphones to any music source, along with an extension cord and two adapter plugs: a double pronged plug for airlines and a 1/4" plug for home stereo systems. Each plug is gold plated. Bose also provides an attractive semi-hardsided, good-sized carry case and strap. The inside of the carry case has molded protrusions to hold the headphones in place. The carrying case has two Velcro attached pockets. One, with the clear plastic front, is for carrying business cards, but contains ten “Courtesy Cards" - what Bose calls them. In other words, miniature ads for the Quiet Comfort 2 with Bose contact details around the world. How smart of Bose to give their customers the tools to become unpaid sales representatives! The other pocket, with a mesh front and zip closure, is meant for carrying spare batteries, the adapters, and extension cord.

Overall, this is a very complete selection of items to include with the headphones. And to the company's credit, boze headphones come with a one year warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

But at the price of $300, the consumer expects these headphones to be flawless. They are not.

The only control on the headphones is an On/Off switch: no volume control at all. There is an input level switch, but it is inconveniently hidden on the part of the connector cord that becomes inaccessible once plugged into the headphones. This was not cleverly thought out.

Also, there is an inconvenience factor. If you want to connect your bose noice cancelling headphones to any type of sound source, you need to find the special connector cable (it uses a nonstandard plug so you can't use any typical stereo extension cord) to connect between the headphones and the music source. And, you might also need to find one of the two adapter plugs supplied, depending on the plug on the music source.

For many consumers, it is preferable to have everything inseparable from everything else, or else the occasional loss of something essential with the QC2 approach is almost inevitable. Think about it - how easy is it to lose little things aboard an airplane, and moving to and fro in your daily life? Why not have everything connected and less easy to lose? The folks behind the development of the bose qc 3 headphones seem to prefer the modular route. But if something gets lost or broken, the hassle falls upon the customer. The Bose connector uses a unique type of plug, so if you lose or break the supplied connector while on a trip, you'll be unable to use the headphones for listening to anything until you're able to order and receive a replacement from the Bose factory.

Another difficulty is plugging the connecting cable in or out of the headphones. You have to take the headphones off of your head, but to remove the cable, you either need to be able to use a fingernail to pry the connector out, or else pull the connector out by its cord - but that is an unwise thing to do as it will likely to result in a broken wire.

While the noise canceling offered by these headphones is unparalleled, Bose headphones still have some room for improvement.

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