Making Gold With Dark Iron Ore in World of Warcraft


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There are dozens of ways to make large sums of gold in World of Warcraft in short periods of time. This particular method allows you to make upwards of 30-60 gold in an hour by mining Dark Iron. It’s not just a myth, you can make this method work for you.

Dark Iron itself is a very rare mineral used for high end items. It is also used for reputation gains with the Thorium Brotherhood and for both reasons can be sold for a very large sum of gold. However, finding it can be very hard unless you know where to look. There are only two locations in which you can find it – Blackrock Depths and Molten Core, and because Molten Core is devoted as a raid instance, you cannot simply enter and steal items.

So, that leaves you with Blackrock Depths. To enter the door immediately located at the entrance of the instance, you’ll need to pick the lock or have the Shadowforge key. Either way, you must get through that door. Keep walking until you reach the Dark Iron Highway, where you’ll be making your gold.

The monsters in the area are rather strong so you’ll need a couple friends along with you or a character capable of sneaking in such as a Rogue or Druid. Either way, don’t let yourself get caught alone near the ore as you’ll be going through here a lot. In each pass through the area you should be able to pick up one or two instances of ore. The monsters themselves are as random as any other map in the game. If you see too many monsters around a particular ore point, just reset the instance and try again.

For those that are using stealth to sneak through the area, beware of the bloodhounds that stalk the highway. They are not only incredibly strong, but can sense your stealth from a pretty decent distance. They are weak though, so if you are properly prepared, you should be able to go solo and take them out without much issue.

The method, when used properly, will yield upwards of 20-40 dark iron an hour. This is a lot, considering the going rate of dark iron ore – 1 to 4 gold. If you keep at it for a couple days or more you can buy anything you’d want – even that epic mount. Don’t be surprised either to find a Blood of the Mountain rare drop in your Dark Iron Ore veins. This incredibly rare bonus will sell from anywhere between 40 and 90 gold and might show up as often as every 200 times, which if you’re mining for a while isn’t all that rare.

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