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For those that are looking to turn a few hours of their time into big money in World of Warcraft, you couldn’t do better than Herbalism and the monetary prospects that it offers. Of World of Warcraft’s numerous professions, herbalism, like the other gathering professions, can offer dozens of uses for any of the most industrious players.

For those looking to get started, Undead are the best race to use in tandem with Herbalism. Tauren are another good choice, considering the plus fifteen bonus they gain from the start. Even after you reach the absolute level cap for herbalism with a Tauren, you can be fifteen points higher. For those looking to not be stuck with a Hoard character, you can also use Humans to much the same effect.

Similar to mining, herbalism offers a chance to gain large sums of gold over short periods of time when used properly. If you are only interested in gaining money, consider pairing mining with herbalism to maximize your gathering potential. However, for those looking to create something and use your profession towards a goal, consider Alchemy. It’s a perfect match for herbalism, using all of the items you’ve gathered towards a goal.

Starting off, you need to be at level five before starting your profession. At the beginning, the only thing you can really search for is Silverleaf, by using the “find herb” command you gain when you finish your herbalism training. When first starting, this herb will actually gain you more money than copper, making it a better money maker when you first start.

If you travel a bit further from the starting areas, you will find a bit of Silverleaf herb, the next highest level of plant, which in a full stack of 20 will fetch upwards of one gold in the auction house. This equals out to no more than ten minutes of work making around one gold, which is amazing for the start of the game.

These prices, of course, change with the ebb and tide of the in-game economy so keep an eye of selling prices and demand when you bring your herbs in to the auction house. If it’s all low one day, wait a bit and see if prices go up. For a long while, you will be searching for lower levels herbs throughout the game and as you level up to journeyman and beyond you can start searching for more rare, higher level herbs. For example, Ghost Mushrooms and Black Lotus will allow you to make up to 20 gold an hour in the Hinterlands.

Whether you merely want to gain a few extra gold on the side or farm for hours, herbalism is a perfect choice for anyone looking to augment their usual income with some great gathering skills and a lot of gold early in the game. Keep with it and it will eventually pay off big.

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