Calibrating the DVD Player


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The number of people who have subscribed to cable and satellite radio has gone up through the years. Even with the rising demand, most people still enjoy watching movies at home will either get a DVD or a VHS tape from the video store.

If there is something wrong when the movie is being played, some people think the problem is with the disc. There may be a scratch already on the surface but if there is none, then the cause is coming from something else.

This is the time the person should check the DVD player. The individual will notice that there are no adjustable settings on the machine. This has to be calibrated by getting a disc that will do the job to be able to set up the audio and video.

The person can buy a platinum disc to calibrate the DVD player from the electronics store. Some brands come in single or double discs, which produce similar results after following the instructions.

The calibration disc is compatible for any sound system used at home from the PCM to the Dolby 5.1. The person will have to calibrate both the sound and the image to be able to see the film just like watching it in the theater.

After inserting the disc into the DVD player, the person should wait and just follow the instructions. This may take a few minutes with the audio being reviewed first. A sound check is done on each speaker.

If this is sufficient for the user, then it is time to move to the video portion but those who are not yet satisfied can adjust the settings to get the right sounds when the DVD is played later.

The video portion is just as extensive as the audio. It has a transparent blue film strip that will aid in the calibration of the color settings. This will help check for brightness, contrast and hue just like the kind of thing someone does when fine tuning the television.

The person may notice that it is too dark even when the adjustments have been made. Should this happen, it is advisable not to do anything because this will improve as the television is turned on since this usually makes the images look bright.

DVD calibration should be done regularly in order to maximize the use of the home entertainment system. This will surely make it enjoyable to watch old films again instead of spending money on a movie that will be released in DVD format in a few months.

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