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One of the neatest innovations for portable storage devices is that tiny and oh-so-useful thumb drive. Imagine, swapping information, music, images, computer programs, with this small, thumb-like device –so small you can easily carry it in your pocket or purse. Just plug it in a computer's USB drive and you're good to go: copy files from the computer or transfer files from the thumb drive. It's fast and “hot swappable” so you don't have to reboot the computer for it to be read. With a thumb drive, you can store up to 8GB of information, big enough to be a reliable backup.

Phasing out floppies While thumb drives are not exactly as affordable as floppies or CDs and DVDs, they are a lot more practical in more ways than one. Just like floppies, thumb drives can store data separately until they fill up. You can store various data in one thumb drive: music, document, audio, visual presentation, images, video, and software—carrying all that data in your shirt pocket. No wonder, it's popular among network and systems administrators for use in troubleshooting and systems maintenance. The advent of thumb drives has made floppies a thing of the past and almost obsolete. Virtually all new computers have USB drives, making it widely compatible (encompassing worldwide).

Fun with thumb drives There are various options for thumb drives, ranging from a capacity of 100+MB to 8GB. As you read this, thumb drives are probably available in bigger capacities. There are also thumb drives available in quirky designs, just like keychains: sushi, animals, and cartoon characters among countless others. Be wary of thumb drives that are too bulky however as they may block other USB devices.


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