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What can you do with Morphing Software

Morphing software programs provide the tools to add exciting and unique visual effects to web graphics, advertisements, screen savers, music videos, educational software and movies, emails, presentations, greeting cards, and many other types of electronic documents. Use your amazing morph pictures and movies in numerous ways. You won't be disappointed with the professional quality of your Morphing software program projects.

What is morphing software? Image morphing is a great visualization process. It can be used for entertainment and to educate. Morphing software programs are used regularly to create special effects for music videos, television commercials and movies.

Image morphing is used to compute a transformation, a metamorphosis, from one image to another. This procedure is called “morph". The whole concept is to display a series of images, that when they are put together with the first images, will show the transition from one image to the other.

In a morphing series of two faces, the middle image will look incredibly life-like, as a real person, but one can easily see it is neither the person in the first or second image. The image in the middle is half influenced by the left and half influenced by the right image.

It will cost you a lot less to purchase and use Morphing software than complex animation software. But the results will be very similar. Your first morph will make you feel like a professional comedian and artist all in one when you complete your first morph.

Morphing Software benefits:

You can experiment with your morphing software for free without any repercussions.

Age your child’s photos year by year using a morphing software program.

Morph yourself into a shapely new figure, wearing the latest fashions and create the latest and greatest hair style for yourself or others.

Have fun expressing yourself shaping reality your way.

Morph funny greeting cards to keep your family and friends rolling with laughter.

Morphing software is a great way to show the world your creative style.

You can be dramatic or funny by using morphing video software.

Make your dog a cat, you and your husband can be children again for unforgettable footage.

Morphing software allows you to spend an hour or just a few minutes depending on the details you create morphing your own masterpiece that will show your family and friends your dramatic flair or that will keep them laughing or deeply touched.

A simplistic morph only takes a few precious minutes but the laughter and ther memories can be everlasting.

Important Features of Morphing Software

First decide exactly how you would like to use your morphing software then look for these features

Feature Set – This is the toolbox for the morphing software. A bigger tool set does not always mean it is a better. Look for morphing software that meets your specific needs and allows you to create the types of morphs that you want.

Setup and Installation- simple setup and installation is a must. Shop for easy exports and imports these are a must. Remember if you purchase a technically difficult morphing software you will not end up using it.

Ease of Use- Remember that morphing software uses a multi-step process and it requires your attention and time being paid to the details if you would like to have the best results.

Real Time Playing- Real Time Playing allows you to view your results right away as you are editing your morph. Beware that not all morphing software has this feature. With most morphing software you will have to save your morph to a file then open the file and load it to another program in order to view your morph.

Customer Support – It is important to purchase a morphing software program that offers good sound manufacturers support. Look for a help index, FAQ’s, email, tutorials and other support forums.

With morphing software you can have a grand ole time discovering your imagination all over again by trying new effects. You will enjoy using your new creations to make your family and friends roll with laughter or cry with the tenderness of your morphs.

Top Morphing Software

Fantamorph - can be found at


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