Printing Your Own Postage: 6 Times When You Shouldn't


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Do you want to print your own postage for your office, just using your computer and laser or inkjet printer? This process is becoming more and more popular for businesses large and small, as well as for some households with a lot of mailing to do.

But is it for you? In some cases, the answer is no, definitely not.

Do any of the following six situations apply to you?

  1. If you don't have a reliable computer, printer, and internet connection, then it isn't worth the trouble. Maybe your old clunker isn't up to the task. Whatever the reasons, without a good computer and printer, the frustrations may be worse than the gains.
  2. If your social life includes your time in line at the post office, and if you would miss that interaction, don't give it up. Especially for people in small towns running online businesses, this is often the case. Also, writers who work at home alone often enjoy the break. Stay-at-home moms with preschoolers may crave a little adult conversation-no matter how brief. They may prefer standing in line-where people can admire their adorable child-while they mail packages from their eBay sales or whatever else they are doing. (Actually, in these cases, you could still print your own postage and then take it to the post office. )
  3. If you have a lot more time than money and expect this to stay pretty much the same, save the minimum monthly fee of about $15.99. While you don't pay any surcharge for the actual postage, if that fee might strain your budget, then skip it for now. But you may want to examine how you can improve your finances so that you get out of this category eventually.
  4. If you mail very little, then the fee wouldn't pay for itself. (But even then, depending on your circumstances, it might be worth it to you for the time savings. )
  5. If you can't get the postal service to pick up your packages, then you could still print your own postage but would have to go to the post office. This could be either because you live in one of the relatively few areas of the United States where pick-up service isn't available, or because you are in a rough neighborhood and the packages might get stolen before the post office could get them.
  6. If you adore the PhotoStamps program and are using it for your mailings. With photo stamps, you upload an image online and select the denomination of postage you desire. It is printed and mailed to you, assuming your design meets the postal guidelines of good taste and no public figures. People are using photo stamps in many personal and business ways, from showcasing pets or kids to promoting real estate.
If any of these six circumstances describe you, then forget about printing your own postage and go on about your business. But if none of them describe you, and if you would like the ease and convenience available from this program, do find out more and see how much time you can save.

Interested in ways to save time and money, and to create a branding effect, by printing your own postage from your computer to your laser or inkjet printer? R. Hart, webmaster of , herself a long-time business owner who has spent way too much time in post office lines in the past, explains how (and why) to do it at:


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