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Apple has a real talent for producing multimedia and electronic gizmos. Apple has sold around 1.5 million iPods. Apple is known for making electronic devices that are extremely user friendly, as well as very efficient.

Although iPods and MP3 players are not exactly the same, iPod is an MP3 player. MP3 is a generic term that covers all brands, including the Apple iPod. The Apple iPod MP3 player is all the rage of MP3 players.

Since iPods are considered to be “cool" and “hip", they are often referenced more than their counterparts iRiver and Creative Labs. However, adults often look beyond the name and into the quality and features. As adults start to evaluate what we need and want in an MP3 player, they are able to look past the name. Having said that, Apple’s iPod remains the industry leader. After all, they make remarkable products.

There are several different styles and types of iPod MP3 players to choose from. One of the least expensive is the iPod shuffle. The iPod shuffle is the smallest of iPod MP3 players. In fact, it is the world’s smallest MP3 player and averages around $79. . The iPod shuffle can be clipped to your sleeve, belt or even wear it like a badge. The iPod shuffle can hold upwards of 240 songs and is about an inch and half and weighs an ounce.

However, with the small price tag and small size, the shuffle is lacking in some of the more elaborate features. You have no say so in what order your songs are played. They are randomly picked by the iPod.

Another style is the iPod nano. The nano runs about $150 and can hold up to 2,000 songs. The nano comes in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. The iPod nano’s super-slim design can play music up to 24 hours before the battery needs to be recharged. Whether you are riding in your car or riding your bike, the nano may just outlast you.

The 80GB iPod can hold up to 100 hours of video, 25,000 photos, 20,000 songs or any combination of the three. You can also download iPod games, audiobooks and much more from iTunes.

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