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Digital cameras are well known for their ability to capture photos on the go. With a screen that shows you exactly what photo you're going to get, you can rest assured your digital camera photos will be what you expected. However, like all modern devices, there are advantages and disadvantages to digital camera photos. For one thing, lighting works differently with a digital camera than a regular one. Often detail isn't as clear either. On the plus side, digital cameras usually come equipped with a brightness-contrast control and different types of flash. In addition, you can upload the pictures to your computer, and share them with anybody within email distance.

One of the biggest complaints of people taking digital camera photos is that the pictures looked much better on the screen display. This is because fine details, such as leaves, skin imperfections, and color intensity appear smaller then they really are. When the photo is uploaded and enlarged, the photographer finds that certain details were inadvertently neglected.

Another enemy of digital camera photos is blurring. If your hand isn't perfectly steady when you snap the picture, the entire photo may be ruined. This, of course, doesn't show up until the picture is enlarged.

Both woes of digital camera photos can be avoided with practice. At first, it's difficult for the amateur photographer to spot these imperfections. Trial and error is the only way to truly learn from your mistakes. The kind of flaws that people see in their digital camera photos are unique to the photographer. One photographer may tend to put too much emphasis on their subject, while ignoring the background. Another photographer may shift his hand just before clicking the button. After a few uploads, you'll better know your shortcomings and style strengths.

Once you've got details and movement down, you may find that lighting is less then satisfactory. This is because digital camera photos require much more light on the subject then conventional cameras. For example, a regular camera might be able to capture a well-defined photo of the moon, whereas a digital camera will show only a tiny speck on a black background. For human subjects, indoor photos never come out well, unless lots of light is directed on the person. Instead, try to get photos of family and friends in the great outdoors. Don't have them stand with their backs to the direction of the sun, because digital camera photos are notorious for producing grainy images, due to poor lighting.

Now you'll be able to enjoy shooting your digital camera photos like a pro! Practice, practice, practice! The process may seem frustrating at first, but persevere. You'll eventually learn the mistakes you tend to make. Remember that a perfectly good picture can be ruined by the slightest motion of your hand, so keep steady. For an overall good appearance, and clear, defined subjects, always include plenty of lighting.

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