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Free iPod Music Download and Converting DVD's - Cd's and Photos


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Legally, you should first install iTunes on your PC or Apple for any free iPod music download to your Nano.

Here are simple steps to consider for getting free iPod music downloads.

Plug the Nano into the computer using the included USB cable.

iTunes will automatically show up with the Nano, in which you just drag and drop your music files obtained through iTunes Music Store, or through ripped CD's onto the iPod icon.

Apple’s iPod does a lot more for you than just getting a free iPod music download and play music and display photos.

The new Video iPod plays videos and not only that, this iPod also allows you to output video into your TV or your computer easily.

Along with updating iTunes and the iTunes Music Store, Apple has made video content available for purchase and download for your iPod. Now, downloading the latest and greatest hits on your iPod has never been easier and there are plenty of free iPod music download sites available.

But what about the videos you already own?

Files such as iMovies, DVDs that you own, TV shows that you’ve recorded with a Mac-based digital video recorder (DVR), what do you do with them?

Can you play them back on the new iPod?

The answer is, Yes! And converting them is very simple. That's one of the many great features of today's iPod technology beyond a free iPod music download.

There is software that allows you to take any movie from you DVD collection and play it back in your iPod Video on the go.

Here are several more tips for other things you can do with your Nano iPod in regards to photos besides only a free ipod music download.

1. The first thing you should consider is a version of iTunes that supports photos and the Nano. It's best to get the latest version at Apple’s website if you can.

2. After you have taken time to install iTunes you can connect your iPod nano to your computer. If iTunes is not open, you need to open it. Your iPod should appear in the source list on the left of the window. If it does not, eject your iPod for Mac’s or stop your iPod for Windows and disconnect it from your computer. Wait a few seconds and reconnect the iPod with iTunes open.

3. When iTunes recognizes your iPod, you can edit iTunes preferences. Select the iPod tab. There should be a tab within the iPod tab that is labeled Photos. Select that tab now.

4. In the Photos tab, you can select folders where iTunes should search for photos. You can also let iTunes automatically synchronize all of your photos or manually select which photos should get synchronized, just like how you can setup your music. Once you update your iPod, you should have photos on it.

5. If you do not have a photo tab in the iPod options dialog box, you either have an older version of iTunes that does not support photo synchronization, an older iPod that does not support photos, or you may not have your iPod connected to your computer.

6. So, make sure you are using a verison of iTunes that supports photos, with an iPod that supports photos and your iPod is connected to your computer.

These tips will make life much easier for you when using iPods for free iPod music downloads and the many new features that are available today for tech lovers.

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How To Download Music To My iPod and Watch iPod Videos In 3 Easy Steps!
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