iPod Shuffle Gets New Jacket Made For Those With Active Lifestyles


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You certainly adore your older iPod Shuffle than the iPod Nano new model that your best friend has gifted you for your birthday this year. After all, the iPod Shuffle has been your constant companion for years already and you have found it quite easy to use. You feel like you would have to start over again with the iPod Nano.

The only thing that is bothering you about the iPod Shuffle though is that you would have sometimes leave it behind in the safety of your car or in your home or locked up in your office drawer. You do this because you would have to do something pretty active and you think that the iPod Shuffle accessories and features would not quite take in the excess activity and would only lead to damages and eventually breaking of the gadget.

But it looks like there is already an answer to your dilemma and it comes in the form of the new Action Jacket that has been created by Digital Lifestyle Outfitters, or the DLO. This group is much known as one of the leaders when it comes to creating accessories for mobile digital devices which are considered to be the current hype.

The Action Jacket for your iPod Shuffle belongs to the family of such jackets and cases that DLO has already designed and created. And so that the beauty and pristine condition of your iPod Shuffle would not be marred, DLO created the jacket to come in a brilliant pure white color so much so that there is not much difference if the jacket was used or not.

This jacket comes with an armband. The armband would provide more security compared to the clip that the iPod Shuffle comes with. So when you are engaged in really active things, the Action Jacket of your iPod Shuffle would keep your gadget safe and quite secure. Even drops of rain and patches of ice falling from the sky would not harm your favorite iPod Shuffle as long as you have the Action Jacket. You see, the jacket is designed to be a cover and it has been made to be soft and uses neoprene. Even your own sweat would not harm your iPod Shuffle when you are sweating it out at the gym.

For $19.99, which is quite a fair price tag, you get to use your favorite iPod Shuffle without having to worry about damaging it while you get involved in your activities. The Action Jacket also has this clear vinyl window so you would not have a harm time finding your way through the music files you have stored in your gadget.

Now if the jacket gets dirty, is there a need to buy a new one? Well, that would be not recommended. You see, the Action Jacket for the iPod Shuffle can be actually cleaned easily. All you need is a damp cloth and the jacket would look and feel like it was still new. The armband can be washed with soap and water.

Giovanni Woods is a geeky entrepreneur who cannot work without his music buddy – the iPod Mini. He collects the latest iPod accessories in the market through TopZone UK . He also loves to travel around Asia.


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