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There is no question that the most popular portable music player on the market is the iPod. With its small size, large memory, and digital sound, iPods allow you to bring a massive music library with you wherever you go, and it all fits in the palm of your hand. iPods are becoming increasingly ubiquitous as more and more consumers eschew compact disks in favor of the convenience, portability, and performance of these small wonders. However, iPods are not perfect and if they have a shortcoming it is most obvious when you would like to use your iPod in the car, unless, of course, you have purchased an iPod car adapter.

While some new cars are equipped with iPod docking stations, it is a rare feature that was not available until very recently. For the vast majority of drivers their car stereo is still designed to accommodate compact disks, which up until recently were the music medium of choice. Because an iPod can store hundreds of music titles its advantages over compact disks are obvious, and iPod owners naturally want to utilize this while driving in their automobiles, and they need an iPod car adapter to do that.

There are several types of iPod car adapters on the market. The most basic model would be for use in cars that still have an analog cassette player. For those automobiles, a cassette adapter can be plugged into the headphone jack of the iPod, and the cassette can be inserted into the car stereo. However, the sound quality of this option is not ideal, and most late model cars have CD players instead of cassette players.

If your car has a compact disc player, then a cassette iPod car adapter is obviously not an option. The Neo iON is the latest and best iPod car adapter on the market. The iON plugs directly into your iPod and is connected through a cable that plugs directly into the CD changer port that is located on the back of your car CD player. Installing the iON requires some degree of skill and time and those who are less mechanically inclined may opt to have it professionally installed. The iON provides a direct connection that delivers the highest quality digital sound, but perhaps the most enticing feature is the way your iON and iPod interface with your car stereo system. Once attached to the iON, you no longer have to fumble with the buttons on your iPod while driving. Instead you can change musical tracks by using the existing buttons on your car stereo.

Installing an iON in your automobile has obvious advantages, but those advantages come at a cost. The iON is not portable, it becomes part of your car, so if you own several cars you would need to install an iON in each if you want to bring your iPod with you wherever you go. Further, if your car stereo does not have a CD changer port then an iON would not be compatible with your car. If those scenarios describe you, then an iPod car adapter with a universal FM modulator is what you need. A FM modulator will allow you to broadcast your iPod through one of several FM frequencies, and you can tune in your iPod on your car radio.

Another desirable feature of an iPod car adapter, such as the iON and the FM modulator, is that they provide a power source for your iPod so you do not have to worry about charging your iPod’s battery; it happens automatically. An iPod car adapter gives you the ability to listen to your entire music library for as long as you want, and as far as you drive.

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An iPod Docking Station Lends Power And Sound To Your iPod Experience
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