Your Brain Vs Personal Computer


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When there is a battle for processing speed between your brain and the computer that you use for your daily work, which one do you think will emerge as the winner?

Most people have something like a Pentium computer running Windows, or a Macintosh. A computer like this can execute approximately 100 million instructions per second; your particular computer at home may run twice that fast or slower.

But in this world, the fastest computer in the world is your brain, the most unbelievable element of a human body. Why do I say so? Let me just give you some examples to further support my point. Just imagine that your personal computer is just starting to understand human speech, and starting to take dictation. It can only understand one speaker and the dictation software will definitely make a lot of mistake. Therefore, with 100 million instructions per second, your particular computer may not be able to handle it.

On the other hand, your brain which is made up with one trillion cells with 100 trillion connections between those cells, can understand any number of speakers. It may even understand multiple languages at the same time. Your brain can also process complex visual images, control your entire body, understand conceptual problems and create new ideas.

You brain can also store memory that up to as long as 100 years, with a total “hard disk space" of about 5 million MB, or even more? When you are in your 80s, the times when you enjoyed when you were young, you can recall them in a matter of seconds, which is much faster than a personal computer provided it can survive at top performance for more than 10 years.

There is a super computer that is built by a Japanese company, which has a theoretical maximum speed of 1 petaflop (1 guadrillion operations per second), which is pretty fast, but still is not as fast as your brain.

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