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I can’t say for sure when I know I was bitten but I have the date on my receipts (11/15/06). I guess I was late to the iPod party but I’ve not missed a step since I got involved with “Buck, ” my iPod.

I’ve got 3 now, one just for movies, and another for music and one for data and I’m negotiating with a contact in China for 5 more.

iPod is the brain child of Steven Jobs, Apple guru and all around genius. More than 22 million ipods have been sold to US adults, which amounts to approximately 11% of the population (according to the non-profit Pew Internet & American Life Project). I became a fan and user and my addiction continues to grow stronger.

Now I spend my days learning about new applications and my nights surfing for clearance sales, closeouts, underground sources for discounts on accessories. For example, last week I found a site that sells what they call an iPod Converter.

This unit allows for unlimited downloads of movies and music and games and software and provides a lifetime membership in their download club. As a full blown movie nut this little handful of technology is gobbling up my free time by the hour.

Talk about addiction, I was rummaging through some magazines in the basement of the library at midnight (don’t ask) and found this underground techie magazine. There was a story about an MP3 converter that took me a few minutes to realize was the iPod converter I heard about last week.

The techie manual indicated this is better than Blockbuster and NetFlicks all rolled into one very user friendly palm-sized unit. I’ll share the link here anyone who is interested can read all about it.

As I continue to learn about all-things-iPod I’ve just discovered about iPod hacks. This reference startled me at first as it is not in my nature to destroy other’s enjoyment in any manner, especially when it comes to something like PCs and iPods.

What I learned is the term hacks when it refers to iPod is another way of saying accessories, except that the modification most likely will void your iPod’s warrantee. In any case the lists I found were nothing less than fascinating.

For instance, according to, the range of accessories includes downloadable iPod games and programs that convert DVDs to iPod-friendly video files. There are also programs that convert PDA files your PowerPoint presentations into files that work with your iPod-compatible.

The howstuffworks website also provided a reference to a list of some current applications: “iPod hackers are publishing all sorts of programs that alter the way an iPod works - some of the software is free, and some of it is for purchase. Some currently available hacks let you:

  • Make an iPod work with Linux machines and run Linux applications
  • Remove volume caps (iPods sold in Europe cap the volume at 100 decibels; uncapped iPods can reach more than 115 decibels. )
  • Turn your iPod into a universal remote
  • Attach an external hard drive to your iPod to increase the storage capacity
  • Change your iPod's font and graphics
  • Watch movies on your iPod in full-screen mode
  • Plug your iPod into any computer (even without iTunes) and listen to music from the hard drive
  • Transfer photos to iPod without using iTunes
  • Replace iTunes all together as the iPod's main jukebox
  • Use an iPod with a Windows 98 machine “

    While I am fascinated with the expansion this provides I am too cautious and protective of Buck to try anything other than factory sealed products from Apple. I can be patient until they ramp up to the accessory list I peeked at in an underground publication.

    The upcoming Apple list is robust and will blow away the hacker’s meager offerings. Meanwhile, I’ll stick to my movie and music downloading which keeps me rather busy and satisfied.

    However if you hear any buzz about an auto-pilot for long cross-country drives that’s compatible with a 2006 STS, please pass it on. I might just let Buck give it a try.

    About The Author

    Alex Rich is a business and personal coach. Doc has a growing collection of iPods and accessories in addition to a large list of unusual discount sources.

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