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Disposable implants and Open-Source Prosthetics are here, and it seems we're more plugged in, dependent on, and integrated into technological devices and systems than we even care to admit. Even mankind's collective consciousness has been coded into ones and zeros, in a self-supporting binary ecosystem where we log into our online personas with avatar faces and interface with other digital representations of self. Man created technology, and in turn technology has recreated us. Meanwhile, robots become more humanoid by the day, and even reality itself has stiff competition from today's computer graphics imaging. Is this the Cybernetic Age? Has mankind been assimilated?

Time for a deep breath. Inhale in through the nose, exhale out the mouth. That’s better. Even if humanity has reached version 2.0, it can’t be all bad. Here are three cybernetic devices under $40 and five under $500 that suggests anyone - regardless of economic status or geography – can benefit from the advances of medical science.

  1. For Your Eyes Only - Implanted Intraocular Lenses: This small-incision, sutureless surgery, developed by eye surgeon and philanthropist Sanduk Ruit, can be done quickly and outside a hospital, giving sight to the poor and blind for only $4
  2. It's a Gut Feeling: Electronic SmartPill: Once swallowed, this vitamin-shaped wireless sensor radio's back information on the patient's stomach pressure and acidity and is dismissed out the bung hole several days later. The cost: $500
  3. Music to Your Ears: Songbird Disposable Hearing Aids: No need for repairs or battery purchases, these disposable in-the-canal hearing aids come in one size, last 40 days and cost $40
  4. Rest Assured: Snore Guard Dental Appliance: A small dental appliance, not unlike an athletic mouthpiece, can be worn at night and prevents the jaw and tongue from dropping back and obstructing the wind pipes. Only $27
  5. Word of Mouth Piece: Mini Dental Implants: These non-invasive implants made of surgical-grade, bio-compatible titanium is quick and easy to install and cost less than half the price of full-sized dental implant. Starting at $500

Jason S Comely is a fitness enthusiast who was educated in fitness theory and personal training at Mohawk College in Ontario, Canada. He enjoys running, mountain biking and resistance training (which is the term to use when you’re not sure whether to put weightlifting or bodybuilding) as well as doing fatherly things with his three children. Zero to Superhero is his first book.

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