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Recovering lost data is expensive. Regardless of whether you will attempt to recovery your data yourself, or send your hard drive out for recovery, the cost is quite prohibitive. The only way to guarantee that you will never require such a service is to continually make backup copies of your files and to store them securely. Even this is not really a guarantee, but it will provide you with the security of knowing that if you computer should crash or experience major hardware failures, your data can be recreated.

Data recovery is the process where lost data is recovered from broken, damaged or inaccessible media storage or hard drives. Data recovery can also be used to explain the process of restoring lost or deleted files on a hard drive.

There are many different data recovery software packages available to consumers who prefer to attempt restore data themselves. However, in most situations when a hard drive needs to be recovered, the only option is to send it to a service provider who is skilled at data restoration.

Here are some of the applications that you might want to try if attempting recovery on your own:

1. File Recovery for Windows by Active @ Data Recovery Services
2. File Recover™ 6.1 for Windows by PC Tools Software
3. GetDataBack by Runtime Software
4. Recover My Files by GetData
5. R-Undelete by R-tools Technology Inc.
6. Undelete 5 by Diskeeper Corporation
7. WinUndelete™ by WinRecovery Software

These software packages range in price and level of effectiveness.

Here are some useful things that you should know, courtesy of

1) Back up As mentioned above, you should back up your data routinely. Having a back up copy of your data is one of the best defenses against lost data and the need for recovery in the first place.
2) Hard disk noise
Anytime you hear a churning or clicking noise inside of your computer it means trouble. You should seek assistance as soon as possible from an authorized repair center.
3) Do not attempt the Recovery If you face any problem of data loss, do not attempt to recover data yourself unless you are an expert. Attempting the data recovery your self from the hard disk may further complicate the problems.

If you are in need of data recovery services, you should always work with a recovery center that guarantees their process. You should never be charged for unsuccessful data recovery, and you should be permitted to see your data before you are charged for the service. You should also be given an accurate quote for the total recovery cost before work begins.

A certified quality recovery service provider like can help you with the process of recovering lost or damaged data at the best price and within the shortest amount of time in the industry.

You should never pay for unsuccessful recovery efforts, and also be sure that the company with whom you work guarantees the viability of your data in a contract prior to beginning work. Access to filenames is great, but what you need is content.

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