Failure Causes Behind the Inaccessible Tape Drive


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Tape drives are best storage devices for the storage of bulk of business files. Most of the companies relying on digital data for their business depend a lot on tape drives for the backups. Many tape drives exist in the computer world from large size to small one, used by many companies depending upon the size of the data they want to save. Since they are made secure but some hazards computer viruses and kind of physical and logical damage put it in non-operational state. Some of the most common failure causes are
 Virus attack- viruses spoils the data stored in the tape drive. Even the most dangerous viruses don’t let it open.
 Accidental format
 Power surges
 Human error
 High temperature
 Water/flood damage
 Dropped tape drive
 Damaged cartridges
 Saved data after the EOF spot
 Logical error
 Chemicals dropped over tape drive
 Backup failure
 Human error

Theses problems or failure causes increases the panic of the business companies who have saved their important and confidential data on these tape drives. So to get data back you need to contact any data recovery company which is best in tape recovery service because most of the companies come with computers and connect them with your media so in result data overwrite actual data goes away and inaccessible forever.

Recovery tips:
Some of the steps you need to be taken for not to face any data loss activity from tape drives.
 For writing data on the tape drives they should in write protected mode. It is a good practices otherwise critical data files may overwrite.
 Number of tapes should be used instead of one so to have copy of data in case of disaster  Take many copies of one data file in tape drive as if one get affected other can easily be access.

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How to Open Access Files That Are Inaccessible Due to Corruption?
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