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Can you stand it? This is the enemy - Spyware, Adware, Spyware Trojans, Keyloggers, Identity Theft, Hijackers, Tracking Threats, Rogue Anti-Spyware, Unwanted Software, Phishing, Popups and Bad Websites. Are you looking for answers in this baffling battleground? Stay with me and we'll look at how to remove spyware from your life.

The whole subject of spyware is controversial in the extreme. Software vendors who make their living from software that can monitor the consumer's activity both online and off are unhappy that legitimate use of such software is all lumped together with malware and adware. From the consumer's point of view, esoteric arguments about such definitions are of no interest if they are battling the slowdowns, crashes, browser hijackings and the like which are making their use of the personal computer a nightmare and perhaps where their identity has been stolen or compromised.

For my purpose, I am going to label as spyware any software that takes information from your personal computer and sends to another computer without your permission. While this type of activity differs from viruses and worms because it doesn't self-replicate, it is however designed to make use of infected computers for some commercial gain. Much of the software so installed delivers unwanted pop-ups or other forms of advertising or is designed to steal confidential information. Much of that information is destined to find it's way in to criminal hands for illegal purposes. Typical indications that a machine is infected in this way is failure of an Internet connection, printing problems, slowdown and crashes. The most frequent sources of infection are music and movie download sites and *** sites. Hmm - sound like your habits? Well you need to get to work immediately to remove such software from your machine and your life with a few simple steps and a reputable spyware removal software product.

Here are seven tips for the removal of unwanted spyware that you can implement right away:-

- Check your computer for all tasks currently running. Use CTRL-ALT-DEL to get a list of what is running. If you can identify unwanted softwares and can locate a uninstall option, use it.

- Check your startup list for unwanted softwares. Get rid of them in the same way. Check your startup list by clicking on the start-run option and then type msconfig and OK. It will show you running programs at the time of rebooting.

- Install one of the legitimate spyware removal softwares. Be careful in your selection. Do your due diligence. You probably should look at sister products for the detection and removal of viruses and worms.

- Install a firewall. Make sure you review the level of security in your settings. A moderate setting is probably adequate. If you frequent *** , music, dating, casino, or games sites use the blocking feature on the firewall to help prevent invasion. Do some homework with the suppliers handbook.

- If you use Internet Explorer, change to Firefox. It's easy to use, more reliable and not as full of security holes and it's free!

- Be wary of operating systems that have not been updated for the latest security patch. Check your system against the makers website and check for the up-to-date offerings there. make this a regular, periodic part of your maintenance schedule.

- Make sure that you keep your detection methods up-to-date. Many people get rid of unwanted guests on their equipment only to fail to maintain the database the software remover uses and get re-infected.

Don't be a mug.

John Garvey writes exclusively for which focuses on spyware and other website and internet security threats. Reviews of spyware removal software and news of the latest malware exploits are featured.


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