What is Spyware?

David Odell

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Contrary to popular belief computer users are at a great risk of being invaded by spyware and other surveillance software from remote areas. Internet Explorer is the browser used by most computer user and because the browser was designed to have third party functionality spyware distributors have taken advantage of the opportunity to spread their surveillance software. Spyware is a category of malicious software that secretly obtains information about a computer user's and sends it to a third party without the user's consent.

Internet Explorer contains a technology called ActiveX that allows malicious web sites to install software on the browser's computer without the user's consent; this ability has been a boon for spyware writers and distributors.

Spyware is a fairly new term that refers to software that gathers and then sends information about your Web surfing habits to its own Web site. Originally used solely for advertising purposes spyware was designed to record your internet usage and online shopping habits so that companies could solicit you with ads they thought would interest you based on the information gathered from spyware being placed in your computer.

A spyware infection means your internet surfing is being tracked and your personal information is being transferred to a third party. Adware is thought to be a form of spyware because it still records and submits to intruders your personal and computer usage information.

Spyware collects information on you internet and computer usage habits as well as more serious information including personal identification and credit card numbers. In simpler terms, spyware “spies” the software on your computer, personal information, what web pages you look at, and in some cases, usernames and passwords.

To clear your computer of malicious spyware computer users must download or purchase one of the many spyware scan tools. Once you have the proper software it is important to get rid of spyware infections and viruses as well as protect your privacy and your computer from further invasions. Purchasing anti-spyware software will provide the surest protection from future spyware invasions, but if the time and effort is put forth using free spyware removal tools, computer users can actively protect their computers on their own. Even anti-spyware tools can trick users into installing more spyware because some of the scan and removal tools are produced by the spyware distributors.

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