3 Mobs in the Eastern Plaguelands you Should Farm for Warcraft Gold


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Farming for gold in Warcraft is easier with a guide, but to get you started here are a few monsters in the Eastern Plaguelands that are nice ways of getting cash when you need it (or if you are greedy just because you want it). The Plaguelands doesn’t really have any big moneyspinners, but what you will find is there are a lot of mobs that drop regularly and pop quickly. Importantly they are not challenging mobs, so if you are looking for an area that doesn’t get farmed heavily by other players, and where you can let off some steam without having to worry too much about being overmatched, then this could be the place for you.

The first nasty that needs to die regularly by your hand is the Mossflayer Zombies that can be found around (28,85). Don’t expect any massive rewards for these, but they do have several virtues. Firstly they drop good amounts of silver. Secondly they drop runecloth on a regular basis. Thirdly and most importantly, they are pretty easy to kill and they respawn really fast. This is a what you see is what you get area. Don’t hold out for that miracle drop from every 50th mob, because as far as I have found there are none. However when the other farming places are being heavily farmed by the gold seekers, this is a place that can earn a nice regular income for surprisingly little effort.

No doubt you will encounter a few Plaguebats whilst farming gold in the Eastern Plaguelands. At first these guys may seem just annoying, but you can actually do quite well out of just bashing on them. They have a good chance of dropping ‘Evil Bat Eyes’ which can sell for 2 gold if the right people are on the right quest. At the same time you’ll collect a good number of vendor trash items and you can skin the bat corpses too.

When you get bored of bats you can wreak similar havoc on Carrion Grubs and Carrion Devourers. Once again you can’t go 10 foot without tripping over one of these and they can be annoying until you start focussing on them. When you do you’ll find they have a high drop rate for Larval acid which you can sell for 6-8 gold at the right times.

There is no doubt that there is better places to grab both gold and levels in Warcraft, but these are becoming better and better known. The great advantage of killing the mobs suggested in this article is that they are relatively easy, they are rarely being farmed by other players, and they pop nice and fast. Happy hunting!

Todd O'Donnell admits to playing far too many games. After initial focus on power levelling he has spent much time developing guides and hints for World of Warcraft Players which can be found at his Warcraft for the People website


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