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Farming WoW Gold - Fast and Simple


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Farming gold in WoW: a very common need. But who wants to spend all their time running around trying to get gold just so they can buy the things they need to enjoy the game? Not me. And probably not you either. So what we'll be looking at are some ideas of how to get gold in Warcraft without spending every waking moment doing it. There's really one key idea:

Buy low, sell high

This is the basic principle that traders have been using since the beginning of time, and it works just as well in World of Warcraft. The best bet is to try to pick some type of commodity that sells very often on the auction house - like components for trade skills. You need something that will pretty much always be for sale.

Now watch the prices. If you don't already spend a lot of time on the auction house, or you aren't familiar with the particular materials, don't rush this step. What you need to do is pick a few items and check the prices of those items every chance you get. You don't need to go overboard, but a few times a day is good.

Once you have a feel for what the ‘normal’ price is, you can start with the buying phase. What you will want to do is continue checking the prices on a regular basis. But now, when you see someone list items below the normal price, buy it! Of course, you need to make some decisions about how much of a profit you want to make. Just a few copper or silver may not be worth the effort. But if you are diligent, you will find people posting items with ridiculously low prices. Take advantage and buy while the prices are good.

You can immediately re-list that item at a higher price; just a little bit less than the ‘normal’ price is good. Or, if you've noticed that the prices tend to fluctuate up and down, you can wait until the prices rise and then list yours. That way you can make more of a profit. Also, sometimes the supply will run short. If the item is in high demand and there are none (or only a couple) for sale, you might be able to get more than the normal price. This is especially useful on weekends, when more people are playing and usually in a hurry to get to their raids or whatever.

Ready to take your gold farming to the next level? Want to go beyond the basics? For the fastest, easiest gold farming techniques check out Farming WoW Gold .

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