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Top 3 Things to Optimize Your Computer


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Before you run out and buy a new computer because your current one is too slow, do these three things. Surprisingly few seek out to upgrade or give their computer a tune-up. Investing a little time and money will produce results you will find worth the invested time to do. In addition, they are so easy you can do them yourself.

1. Install more memory. Go to the computer manufacturer's website of your computer.

Look in the support section and find your computer. Typically this is listed in a drop-down type menu or a scroll type. Once you have located your computer then look for the technical specifications manual. In the manual, you will find the type of memory you need. You should go a minimum of 1 gigabyte of RAM these days. You can also head on over to Kingston ( and obtain the memory part number from their website. You just need the make and model of your computer and the wizard will tell you exactly what part number you need.

2. Optimize and clean-up your computer for free without being a computer guru.

Go to IOBit and download the program “Advance WindowsCare Personal" ( This utility is a gem and it is free. It will clean the computers temporary files that are no longer needed, remove obsolete computer settings, install security protection and then configure your computer to communicate more efficiently. The beauty of this program is the number of things it does so easily in one package.

3. Put your information in order.

Go to AusLogic and download their “Disk Defrag" ( This free utility will take the files on your computer and arrange them in order so the hard drive does not have to work as hard to get all the information in the computer files. Each time a file is saved or written to the computer hard disk drive, the system will actually write sections or parts of the file anywhere there is free space. Logic would make you think the files are written in whole on the drive, but it actually will find a small spot on the disk and fill that spot up. If the file is larger than the free space on the drive is, the drive will just move on over to the next available area to write the remainder of the file. Over time the hard disk drive will look scrambled. Auslogic's Disk Defrag will place the files in order and make the drive respond faster.

You owe your computer and yourself the favor to perform the top three tasks. You will be happy you did.

Stephen Douglas
Systems Engineer


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