What Is The Difference Between Dvd Replication And Dvd Duplication?


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This no doubt is a question that you may ask yourself when deciding how to copy your valuable data to CD or DVD. The two methods you have available to choose from when copying your CD or DVD's are DVD duplication and DVD replication. So what is the difference?

-DVD Duplication: This is the process of copying the contents of a DVD or CD to another disc using a drive with write capabilities. It is more commonly known as ‘burning’. You can do this on your own PC using software like Ahead Nero StartSmart. This method is best for burn runs of less than 500. Many companies burn their data using in-house towers, which consist of upto 21 target drives, a hard disk on which to maintain the original source files, and the software to control it all. Some towers even include robotic arms and disc magazines that can hold 25, 50 or 100 disc's, so that the whole burn operation can run on its own without you having to swap the discs. An example of this is the Bravo Disc Publisher. It has a bay that holds 20 discs. It also has a drive for burning and a print cartridge and robotic arm to swap and print the labels onto the burnt discs. All this is run by software called PTP Publisher.

-DVD Replication: A glass master is made, then a set of molds or stampers are made from the master. The stampers are then mounted into an injection-mold machine, where a replica of the mold is created. The disc is then coated with a layer of aluminium that is very thin and reflective. Finally a protective lacquer is spun onto the disc and hardened using ultraviolet light. Its typically considered for runs larger than 1000. Generally there is a small set up cost associated with making the glass master. However once the glass master is made, the whole process is very fast and large amounts of DVD or CD disks can be produced quickly.

Outsource your CD DVD project to a reputable replication company. Earth First is an established Bulk DVD replication company that has proven itself reliable and cost effective in CD and DVD replication many times over.


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