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Visual Basic is the most familiar and popular programming language introduced by Microsoft which is used by software merchants, programmers and developers to produce a graphical client request interfaces. Visual Basic programmers make use of GUI to select and change already selected sections of the code written in the BASIC programming language. Visual Basic is quite easy to understand and also it is easier and faster to write the coding. At times it is used to prototype an application which would further be written in a very hard but with proficient language.

Visual Basic is basically a Windows based programming language. It is exclusive as it could execute and show graphics and it is very much easier to perform. Visual Basic flings out the opening, central and rear concept. The end part depends on the work the user performs. The end part is not the exact ending of the programming it is still just an opening. On the other hand Visual Basic has an object oriented attitude. It is called as an Event-Driven programming language, as each and every object will respond to various events of mouse like click and double click. Visual Basic is Microsoft's entry-level programming language for Windows Operating System.

Visual Basic is derived sturdily from BASIC and it permits the RAD that is Rapid Application Development of the GUI application to retrieve the database by making use of controls like ADO, RDO, and DAO. Programs done in Visual Basic can moreover utilize the Windows Application Programming Interface. For utilizing this it necessitates external function declarations. Visual Basic is deliberated and designed inorder to make the learners understand and study it easier and use it simpler. It permits the Visual Basic Developer to generate an easy Graphical User Interface application and it also gives the maximum flexibility to the programmers.

The Visual Basic contains several tools for placing the controls in each form. There are several controls like List Boxes, Text Boxes, Radio Buttons, Timer Controls etc. , while creating these controls it already holds a default value for each controls. At times it can be altered by the VB developer. Depending on the user actions or modifications in the setting the attribute values can be customized while run time providing it as a dynamic application. Visual Basic can produce an ActiveX controls, Dynamic Link Library files, EXE files. Mainly Visual Basic is used to generate Windows applications and also to interface the database systems. Visual Basic will not permit constant variables to control an array and so an additional processing is necessary to follow it.

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