Mac vs PC Part 1- The Big Difference?


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I often get asked the question… What’s so special about a Mac, why should I Switch to a Mac, what makes a Mac different?

In this Mac vs PC segment, lets take a look at what’s involved in making the “Total Computer Package".

Here is how it’s done on a PC:

-Microsoft makes Windows along with select programs, most notoriously MS Office.

-A bunch of other companies design and make the Computers while attempting to conform to Microsoft’s current system requirements and hopefully future system requirements so your machine won’t be too obsolete.

-Another bunch of companies make up the majority of the rest of the programs for Windows that yet again have to conform to not only Microsoft’s requirements but also an ever evolving sea of hardware configurations produced by the same PC Computer companies trying to make Windows compatible PC’s.

Here is how Apple does it:

-Apple designs the computer including all hand picked internal hardware.

-The Mac Operating System is built from the ground up by Apple, for Apple computers factoring in current system/sotware requirements and future system/software requirements.

-The majority of pre-installed Applications are Apple’s very own, all integrating one with the other, all sharing similarities making the end user experience stable, predictable fun and efficient.

A fitting analogy: If you where buying a new vehicle, would you prefer that vehicle to be designed top to bottom inside and out with all components tested and retested delivering a finished product that is not only stylish but has performance and reliability to match? Or perhaps you may choose to go with a vehicle that is a conglomeration of miscellaneous bodies, frames, interiors, drive trains, and wiring spliced together producing a product that is not always predictable, stylish or reliable.

I think most reasonable people would choose the vehicle that is well designed and manufactured over the franken-vehicle.

Is it any wonder why so many people are frustrated with their PC computers and are now Switching to Mac or at least taking a long hard look at Switching to Mac? Ad the fact that a Mac makes a great Windows PC to Boot and you have to wonder what’s stopping you from getting a Mac?

Maybe the real Big Difference is that people are finally now so much more open to the Mac…

Author - Michael Kaye Founder of Website once you go Mac - you never go back


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