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To Certify Or Not To Certify…


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To Certify or Not to Certify…That is the ultimate question, isn’t it? Does a printed Certificate at the end of an ELearning Module really mean the learner has proven competence in the taught subject area?

While reviewing white papers and articles for additional points of view it seemed to me everyone was “skirting” the issue. They did however provide a basis for how these Certificates were made accessible. I’ve listed the top 3 methods below:

#1 The ability for the learner to view a list of incomplete modules, and print a Certificate of the completed modules, could be done from their profile page on the company’s LMS.

#2 If a learner passes, based on a grade point average or percentage of correct answers, a Certificate is produced. The Certificate is either displayed on the screen with the ability to print and/or sent to their manager, supervisor, or the HR or Training department for inclusion in their personnel file.

#3 After completing the certification testing your score displays on the screen. The learner then copies this screen using the Print Screen button, and pastes it into an email, then sends it to their manager, before exiting the module. The manager will complete the Certificate and send to the employee. The learner can always access their Certificate in the future by logging into the company’s Intranet site with their personal id and password.

It seems the general theme seems to be allowing print capability and allowing future viewing via an LMS. Remember we discussed the LMS (Learning Management System) a few issues back. It allows you to manage all of your training from one location, a “dashboard” so to speak.

Not only can you view course selections, course participants, course content, and enrollment, but also all course scores. In some LMS environments reporting features can break content into sections where you can view which section learners are scoring low, and then inject additional training into the organization on that specific topic… Not only boosting employee productivity, but morale as well! : -D

Administrators of the LMS can utilize such functionality as adding and deleting users, changing passwords, resetting tests and much more.

Graphik Connexions is in partnership with top LMS providers and would be happy to set up a demo for you anytime. Just contact Cheryl at

Getting back to ELearning Certificates, there is only one final issue that we did not discuss. What types of questions really prove competency? Does Multiple Choice, True/False or Matching really prove competency in a subject matter? Or is more hands-on testing a better choice? If someone is learning to type, you give them a typing test…If someone is learning how to work a machine, shouldn’t the user be tested on that machine? I think the answer is YES, and this is definitely possible with the capability of 2D and 3D animation utilizing Flash.

Until next time…

Cheryl McNeil, the owner of Graphik Connexions, started her business back in 1996, as one of the first women in NJ in the field of Technological Instructional Design. With a Masters degree in Project Management and more than 10 years of training and instructional design under her belt, she is skilled at course curriculum writing, Soft Skills and Technical training, ELearning design and development, PowerPoint presentations, and technical writing.

If you want to really test the competency of your learners/employees BEFORE giving them that Certificate of Achievement, I would suggest calling Graphik Connexions today to set up a FREE 1 hour Consultation. Aren’t the future of your company and the needs of your employees worth it? Call today. (609-448-8696)


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To Certify Or Not To Certify…
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