Symptoms Of An Adware-Infested Machine


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More often than not, adware has infected a PC long before the user is aware of the problem. There are a few symptoms which are tell-tale signs of a malicious adware infection. There are many signs to watch out for, but here are some of the most important warning signals you may come across…

- Pop up ads

Maybe an obvious warning sign to some, pop-up advertising is usually the first symptom of spyware/adware. Often it is difficult to discern whether the pop up is originating from your web browser or a rogue program. If you get pop up ads when your web browser is closed, it’s a safe bet you’re infected.

- Slooooowwwwwwwwww Dowwwwwwwwwwnnnns

If you machine’s performance has drastically dropped, you should probably run a quick scan for adware. Adware and spyware typically runs in the background, out of the user’s sight. This extra strain on your computer’s processor and memory is what causes these slow downs.

- Browser hijacking.

Browser hijacking is when a rogue adware program changes the settings in your web browser. Your favorites/bookmarks and start page may suddenly change. Often your browser is redirected to an unfamiliar search page instead of the address you intended.

- Extra toolbars on your web browser.

Many PC users like to use third party browser addons such as Google Toolbar, but if you see a toolbar that you do not recognize, you should scan for adware right away. A common adware toolbar is called “CoolWebSearch” and can be removed with a free utility called CWShredder. Another common (and particularly nasty) adware bar is called “180SearchAssistant”, which can be detected with a scan using one of the free tools on our website.

Keep an eye out for these common symptoms and you will be able to spot an adware infection before it becomes a serious problem. If you suspect you are already infected, there are many free programs that can scan your machine for spyware free of charge. Be sure to check out the rest of our articles at for more tips on how to keep your PC safe and secure!

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