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Spyware seems like it is becoming more and more of a problem every day. It wasn't but a few years ago when many people had never even heard of the word spyware before, now even a non-computer user has probably heard of the term once or twice. Ninety percent of all PCs are infected with spyware and that means there is a large chance that one of those ninety percent is you!

Why is spyware so annoying and hard to remove?
Once a spyware program infects your computer, it also can place hidden installation files in other directories on your computer. When you try to uninstall or remove the spyware manually, the installer file detects this and automatically re-installs the spyware upon your removal. Some spyware files can also disable your virus detection software to allow more spyware to infect your computer.

How do I know if I am infected?
Is your computer unusually slow? Do you receive random pop-up notifications when you are browsing the Internet? Does your browser or any other programs function improperly or crash without notification? These are just some of the symptoms of being infected by spyware. However, If you notice any of these symptoms that doesn't mean that it is too late. There are still some actions that you can take to remove the spyware and get your computer back to a healthy state.

Removing spyware manually.
The most complex way of removing spyware is by removing it manually from your PC. When removing spyware yourself, a key mistake people often make is not backing up their computer first. You should always backup your computer first in case you happen to make a mistake. You want to make sure you can always have something to fall back on in case this happens.

Now you must restart your computer in safe mode (hold F8 when you restart your computer). Removing spyware in safe mode allows you to delete the spyware thoroughly so that it doesn't reinstall itself automatically.

Make sure your hosts file has only the IP and nothing else.

Go to My Network Places and delete any abnormal files.

Take a look at the list of auto start services (Windows NT/ Windows 2000) and make sure you get rid of any files that you know don't belong.

Finally, you should go to the obvious place in the start menu, the control panel. If you click on Add/Remove Programs you should be able to select and safely remove any other files that you believe to be spyware. Usually they have obvious sales titles so they are easy to recognize.

Reboot your computer in normal mode. After you have finished with that, it is recommended that you use a spyware program like Pest Bot to double check and take care of anything that you missed. Manually removing spyware is considered unsafe and should not be preformed unless you know what you are doing.

Remove spyware automatically with the click of a button. The best, fastest, and most effective way of removing spyware is of course getting the software to remove it for you. There are various types of programs out there that can do this for you you just have to figure out which is the best one. Finding a program you like is essentially the only time consuming part of removing spyware, after you find a program that works it only amounts to pressing a button. Out of all the ways to remove spyware talked about, this is by far the best way to do it.

Rated number one spyware remover, Pest Bot is a great program for removing spyware for free on your PC. One of the best features about it is that it also doubles as an antivirus scanner and a pop-up blocker.

For more information go to the Pest Bot Homepage . Disclaimer: I Nick Larson shall not be held accountable if anything goes wrong while you remove spyware from your computer. Therefore I suggest you try using a program before you try removing spyware manually.


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