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Read More, Learn More, Do More - Audio Book Lets You Multi-Task


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Reading a book while washing the dishes is an impossibility - unless you have a dishwasher. But with the advent of audio books, you can now enjoy a good book while doing just about anything. For instance, have you ever thought about learning a new language? Audio book courses can give you an edge in learning a new language or skill; they can even help you increase your spiritual and mental awareness while you go about your daily life.

With downloadable audio books and an mp3 player, you now have the freedom to absorb information and gain new knowledge in almost any situation. You can be inspired by a volume of poetry while you walk the dog, or laugh along to a humorous play on your way to work.

We live in an era that presents possibilities like never before. For example, you can now transport your important business files, music and even famous works of art right in your very own pocket. The ability to “multi-task" is almost essential in the fast-paced world that exists today. Thankfully, we have adapted by creating impressive new technologies to help us do just that.

Technologies have been developed allow us to take in information and entertain ourselves while we carry out our daily tasks. Of course, there are situations when multi-tasking with audio books would be inappropriate, such as if you are in a business meeting, for example. It would not impress your boss at all if she hears you repeating Spanish phrases while she is going over the quarterly reports.

However, many people find that listening to audio books as they perform the more mundane day-to-day tasks, like cleaning the house or cross-referencing a stamp collection, makes these chores easier and much more enjoyable. Audio books make it possible for students to cram for the big exam while cleaning up after last week’s bash. Business professionals can brush up on their Japanese before the big business trip as they tend to the garden.

A large majority of audio book users report that listening to their audio books while doing their chores actually reduces their stress levels and improves the quality of their work. One theory suggests that this is due to the fact that the brain is performing more than one function at the same time and exercising areas that aren’t normally used to carry out these tasks.

These are just some of the reasons audio books are treasured by those among us who simply do not have the time to devote to reading a book.

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