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Rick London

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A recent study by an IDC senior analyst studied the spending habits of 33.1 million U. S households with home offices. ((It was previously believed that 25 million Americans had home offices. Obviously it is a growing trend).

The study found out some interesting habits, some obvious, some not so obvious.

Not surprisingly, home-office owners tend to be more technologically savvy than non-home-office homes. Home-office owners are more likely to upgrade their current computers or add additional computers to the home.

But are they buying desktop pc's? Not most. 56% are buying laptops, usually with cd read-write and dvd players. People tend to buy the “thin and light” models.

The second most-popular-category was fully-loaded notebooks that make up 33% of home office sales due to their multimedia capabilities and larger screens.

The least popular choice was the ultra-portable category, which often excludes an optical disk drive as a way to save space and keep the price down.

Home-office owners are more interested in speed and brand name than they are price, and processor speed was much more important than price in the study.

Almost 80% were Dell customers, but a whopping 20% continued to shop.

Our own in-house study at Internet2yourdoor found that Acer, Toshiba, and HP Compaq topped the list, with Acer gaining on everyone (in fact last year Acer outsold Toshiba) in the marketplace; not just at our store but worldwide. This is no surprise (to us) as probably 75% of our own staff has purchased Acer through our own store and are very happy with it. Though the above study confirmed that price is not a factor, our experience is that price is a factor as Acer tends to be less expensive, offering much more bang for the buck than better-known brands. But sales of HP Compaq and Toshiba (and several other brands) do very well in our online store.

Lenovo continues to sell very well as well; and price seems to be a factor (as does processor speed in our own experience with laptop sales.

Though the element of wireless capabilities vs. non-wireless capabilities was not mentioned in the above study, it appears most customers tend to look at wireless as the norm.

The IDC study showed that in the U. S. , last May, laptops outsold desktops for the first time in the history of computer sales in this country.

This could easily be a reflection of the growth of popularity of the home office. Most home officer owners prefer the laptop over the desktop now.

So, the question remains, can a home-office “make it” without a desktop pc? Obviously so. It truly seems to be a matter of style. Many home offices have both. The answer, of course, is there is no right way or wrong way (computer-wise) to operate a home-office. It is simply which you prefer.

Rick London is an ecommerce entrepreneur, cartoonist, inventor, writer, and full time return-to-school adult student. He owns numerous ecommerce sites and one of the top sites on the Internet according to Alexa and Netcraft ratings. He is founder and co-owner of an Internet variety mega-store which sells everything from laptops to mp3's at http://www.internet2yourdoor.com and his top cartoon site, Londons Times Cartoons is at http://www.londonstimes.us


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